Olukoju reacts to rape comments, says many girls are in early grave as a result of rape


By Oluwafemi Dosu

A movie Producer, Pastor Victor Olukoju PVO has reacted to certain comments on his post against rape.

This is coming after some female gender have been reportedly raped and killed and is becoming rampant in the society.

Olukoju in his initial post noted that even if all women walk naked on our streets, a man has no reason under heaven to rape, rape should be condemned and punished with rigour, saying no reason is justifiable for anyone to rape, Gospel Film News gathered.

“To derive pleasure in someone’s pain is the mother of all evils! Untamed libido has made him to violate not only the right of another but also endanger and properly ruined someone’s future! It takes him few minutes what may take her forever! A rapist is a carrier of curses and impending judgement from God! He may think he’s walking free but his sin will find him out eventually. If he escapes the laws of men, he cannot outwit that of God! He has planted a seed that will boomerang his future,” he stated.

Ever since Olukoju made the post, some social media users have criticised rape victims, saying the way females dress is the reason they got raped.

The producer of the award-winning movie, ‘Akobi Laaroye’ however laments that he was surprised to see some comments.

He stressed that: “So, the punishment for indecent dressing should be rape? I weep for this generation. While I make no attempt to justify indecent exposures, my questions are: That Catholic Rev. Sister that was raped dressed indecently also? That little girl with flat chest that was raped dressed indecently? That lesson girl that was raped in her school uniform dressed indecently? How about the lady on her way to a night vigil? Did she expose her body parts?”

Olukoju who is also a sexual purity ambassador disclosed that today, babies are raped, mothers are raped, under aged are raped, even mad women are raped.

According to him, rape is a crime against humanity and a terrible sin against God, many girls are in their early graves today because they were raped to death, many have lost their bearing in life because of rape, adding that not a few are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of rape.

He reiterated that if all humans are walking about naked, there is no reason or excuse for rape, a rapist is a depraved human being, carlous and altogether wicked! A rapist According to him deserves the highest level of punishment.

“Unfortunately because of the society we live in many victims of rape still find it difficult to speak out and the reason is that few who spoke were condemned that it was their faults and never got justice,” he laments.

Olukoju calls on people to jointly rise and condemn this despicable act.

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