By Ajibare Abiola

Neema is a 133-minute movie that is rich on every level – the story, its message, the performance of the actors, the reflection of reality, the captivation of the audience. It is like a delicious meal that fills you till you get satisfied. It doesn’t stuff itself down your throat but rather, feeds you spoon by spoon till the film is over, after which the digestion of its contents takes place step by step. The movie holds you gently and does not let you go till it’s done showing you the lives of its engaging characters.

The award-winning movie was brilliantly written by Tola Bolaji and directed by Daramola Kayode Babalola. It boasts a star-studded cast comprising veteran David Kola Okeowo, Afolabi Dipeolu (Running Against the Wind), Opeyemi Akintunde (Family Riot), Daramola Kayode Bablola (Back from Babylon, The Table is Set), Adekunle Idowu (Konkomania, God of Elijah), and a host of others.

You know, sometimes, when something is excellent, you fall short of words to describe it; that’s the way I feel about this movie.

I was initially reluctant to watch the movie because of its length. I wondered to myself whether it was a movie of two parts or a series, or something; I didn’t know what could justify it being that long. When I heard it had won awards, I decided to watch it, and seriously, I was not disappointed at all. In fact, the last movie that had that kind of effect on me was Land of Fury (2018)Neema is a very impactful and profound movie.

Neema is a story that weaves related plots together with a balance that is remarkable. It steadily builds its main plot and subplots in such a way that none feels overbearing or under-treated. It is a story that engages you from start to finish. The characters are well-built and we can relate to every thought, speech and action taken by them. The movie was evenly-paced such that it did not feel very long. Even when it had to do a flashback, it was done in a way that would create another set of images in the mind of the viewer.

It seems like certain decisions were made on its colour grading as there was a green feel to the whole movie, kind of in the way Ajoji Emi (2014) had a red feel to it. The music was apt for each scene and the camera work was accurately executed, even aiding the telling of the story.

It feels so strange to be lost for words but the truth is that there is so much to learn from, and enjoy in this movie. Wait know further; watch the movie by clicking the link below and put your comments on it in the comments section.

Did you know? Neema was nominated for several awards at Gofestival 2019 but won the prizes for Best Storyline and Best Directing.

Till the next movie review, stay blessed!

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