“My Father’s Farlmland” part 18-19 by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

25 years had passed and all the past sorrows had been forgotten…

Ola was married to Micheal from her University and Sunmibare was having her graduation ceremony that beautiful morning. Ola stood in front of her bedroom mirror with tears flowing as she flashed her mind back to how wonderful the journey had been….

25 years earlier…

After Sukki had prayed for Ola on the hospital bed, not only did she regain consciousness, but she recovered her voice.

Ola on waking up started talking, she was elated. Ope and Oba’s joy knew no bounds as they started proclaiming blessings on the strange pastor who had prayed for Ola. They had forgotten Sunkanmi’s name so they casually told Ola, it was a random pastor.

Sunmibare as a baby was a beauty to behold. She was CUTE.

Ola decided to keep Sunmibare. She only called Mrs Banke to inform her she had given birth…

“ Are you the one speaking to me?” Mrs Banke had asked

“ Yes ma, After I gave birth to Sunmibare, I fell into coma. I was told a pastor had come to pray for me. So, On waking up , my voice was restored.”

“ Halleluya! I am happy to hear from you, so, the baby…?” Mrs Banke had asked

“ That’s why I called,I have decided to keep her and raise her up… I am sorry ma…”

“ It’s okay… She is your daughter”.

Mrs Banke had dropped the call. She had wept sore. She had nursed high hopes that Ola would give her the child after delivery. That was why she had maintained close relationship with her for the 8 months before her delivery. Though they didn’t see face to face, but they communicated through chats.

Ola had taken Sunmibare and her siblings to her apartment for the first time.

In the course of the eight months, Ola had worked faithfully with her Landlady, which made her landlady to place her on a monthly salary. It was her landlady who had taken her to the clinic and when the labour was becoming painful, she had encouraged Ola to inform her siblings about the situation of things…

The landlady on Ola’s return had taken over the responsibility of helping her with Sunmibare.

For two years, Ola had served the landlady, before the landlady relocated to Ghana to go stay with one of her children who was established there. Before the Landlady left, she had called Ola to her room…

“ Kikiolaoluwa, you came into my life and made a lonely old woman like me lively once again. Thank you so much, but Aderonke, my daughter in Ghana wants me to come over to her place. She said she doesn’t like the idea of me stressing myself in my old age. She wants me to come over so she can take good care of me , especially my legs…”

“ Ha! Maami “ Ola had said in disappointment. Her new Landlady had become a mother to her…

“ Yes, kikiolaoluwa, but I have something I want to give you… You have served me well, so I want you to take over the Egg business. Right now, the business worths N1.2 million naira. I know you don’t have up to that, but if you can gather up to N500, 000. I will sell it to you….”

Ola only had N324,000 with her as she was the one who was helping her siblings through school. At that point, Oba and Ope were writing their final exams. Through Ola’s work with the Landlady, She had helped Oba and Ope complete their fees. She was the one who took care of their feeding and other fees. She also had to take care of Sunmibare. She therefore had only N324,000.

The N324,000 was actually an accumulation of funds from different sources; her personal savings from the salary the landlady had been giving her for close to 2 years, tips from appreciative customers, the landlady’s children and most importantly from Micheal…

After Ola had given birth to Sunmibare, the news reached the school as some students had seen Ola in the market strapping Sunmibare to her back. Different rumors kept flying in the school, some speculated she was married, others said she was into prostitution.

Micheal had approached Ope for the truth about what happened, he believed a selfless girl like Ola could not go into prostitution. Rather than tell Micheal the truth, Ope gave Micheal Ola’s number.

Micheal had contacted Ola and Ola knowing how he had helped in the past invited him over to the Landlady’s Egg shop. Ola narrated all she had been through and afterwards a genuine friendship started.

When the Landlady demanded for N500,000, she knew it was only Micheal she could call on. Micheal had helped her pay up the balance.

That was the beginning of Ola’s Sucess story, despite all she had been through….

Ope on the Otherhand, had pursued her music career with strong determination. Ola became her sponsor. Ola who had become very wealthy through her business pumped in money into Ope’s music career. After 10 years , Ope had become a household name. However, she was into mainstream music, which Ola was not particularly happy with… She showed too much nudity in her videos…

Ope had changed her name to “ Sexy Sasha”. She was always topping the charts with her music as Ope was very hardworking. She gave her music zeal and hardwork.

Oba on the other hand had also turned out successful, he had gone into politics and after 20 years of active politics, he became one of the youngest Senators in the country.

God had indeed helped the trio.

As Ola stood in front of her mirror, she quietly said….

“ Thank you Lord for the Journey”

Micheal walked up behind her…

“ You are beautiful my love, you don’t have to spend all the time in front of the mirror…” Micheal had said

Ola smiled and said “ I am not checking out my beauty, I am just checking out that small helpless girl who God has helped to this point!”

“ Well, thank God, but you will need to keep checking her out, because she hasn’t become the best she was made to be… I still see great things coming out from her. Right now, she ranks 7th richest woman in Nigeria, she still needs to hit the THE RICHEST WOMAN IN AFRICA…”

Tears flowed from Ola’s eyes as she didn’t know why God decided to bless her with Micheal. He had been the best thing that happened to her. After she had bought the egg business from her landlady, he had pumped money into the business for her…He was the only son of a wealthy businessman.

They had gotten married after 3 years of being friends and they had 3 other kids together.

“My doctor will be unhappy with us if we are late for her graduation “ Micheal was saying. He was referring To Sunmibare. Sunmibare was graduating from the university with a First Class honors in Medical Science.

“ Big mummy 1, Big mummy 2 said you should come to the living room in a hurry” Oba’s son had rushed into Ola’s room…

Oba’s son, Josiah referred to Ola as Big mummy 1, while Ope as Big mummy 2….

Ope and Oba with their respective immediate families were seated in the living room all dressed to go for Sunmibare’s graduation. As Ola walked into the living room, Ope said…

“ Ola, this is the pastor, that prayed for you at the hospital when you lost your voice, he is the new pastor who came in from Las Vegas to establish his church in Nigeria…” Ope said pointing to a handsome looking pastor on the screen…

Ola froze to the spot….


To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“ Sukki….Sukki…a pastor?” Ola became highly hysterical with tears pouring out of her eyes as she was laughing in amazement at who she was watching….

Sukki was looking good, but Ola couldn’t believe he turned out a pastor… His name was Pastor Sunkanmi Emmanuel… Obviously He had changed his name.

“He is the son of a herbalist, so where did he get the name Emmanuel?, this guy is a scam?” Ola said out loudly…

“ What is wrong? Olami, you know him?” Micheal asked as he saw how wild his wife had become…

“ Yes…. Is this not the useless thing that raped me back then… So now he has become a pastor!”

The entire living room was so quiet if a pin had dropped, it would have sounded like a plane crash….

“ Are you saying this is the Sukki that raped you? Sunmibare’s father?” Oba asked

“ He is not my daughter’s father, he is only a rapist… A rapist, an armed robber…!”

“ Maybe He is changed and now born again…” One of Ola’s Daughters said…

“ Change my foot!, Kikelomo, you don’t speak when adults are talking …”Ola replied angrily

“ If this is true, then I will use everything in my power to fight him?” Oba said…

“ Then to think that he actually lied to both of us on the day you gave birth….He disguised as a pastor to remove the spell of dumbness he put on you… You said his father is a herbalist, right?” Ope said

Ola nodded

“ Then how are we sure, he will not use diabolical powers in his fake church he is about to establish in the country…” Oba said

“ Oba, you must use your political power to fight this guy, let them probe him, find out why he suddenly left Las Vegas to establish a ministry in Nigeria… Are you sure he wasn’t deported..?” Ola said furiously…

Micheal knew his wife was boiling and he needed them to be on their way for Sunmibare’s graduation.

“ Honey, can we discuss this on our way, we are running late….” Micheal said…

Everyone got out of the house, Each family wanted to take their individual cars, but due to what was been discussed , Ola, Oba and Ope took one car, while Micheal drove Another car with some of the children. Ope’s Husband and Oba’s Wife with other children took another car….

In Oba’s Car, Oba had started making calls to some of his friends in Las Vegas, to find out more about Sukki’s church in Las Vegas.

Ope who had over 8 million followers on her social media platform posted a question???

“ This pastor who just came in from Las Vegas to establish a church in Nigeria, Who knows him? Hope Nigeria is not fast becoming a religious dumping ground…? #just saying”

In less than 10 minutes, comments had started pouring in…

“ The guy has a soft spot for fair skinned girls…too randy for a pastor…”

“ He was charged with rape in Las Vegas and he ran to Nigeria for shelter…#shakingmyhead

“ Though very loaded with the word, but some of his doctrines are highly questionable!”

“ He is a big time gambler and he encourages his members to do so….”

“ If Nigeria knows what’s best for her as a country, don’t let him establish his satanic church there”

“ His members’ way of life is worse than an average unbeliever, they feel their sins have been taken care of by the death of Jesus… They drink, smoke, womanizer but yet raise “holy” hands to God on sundays”

Ope was reading out the comments to Oba and Ola…

“ I told you the guy can never be truly saved…” Ola was literally screaming in the car…

“ The guy will not establish his church in this country… I swear… I need to call some of my people…” Oba said confidently

Oba took his phone to call a fellow senator, as he bowed his head, he didn’t know there was a big pothole ahead of him…

In what felt like a dream, the car somersaulted three times and eventually rolled off the road….

“My God!” Micheal screamed as he saw the accident take place ahead of him in the split of a second…..

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Lets be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O. Akintunde

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