My Advice to ANCEDRAM- Olaitan Faranpojo


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Having seen, heard and followed the current conversation rocking the gospel movie sector in Nigeria, the Festival Director of Gospel Film Festival, GOFESTIVAL, Bro Olaitan Faranpojo has suggested some solutions to the issues and advised ANCEDRAM.

He disclosed this during a media chat with Gospel Film News recently.

Read below his piece of advice:

“Now going to those who have involved secular artistes in their productions, i hope law is not to make them feel bad or rubbish the little progress and sacrifices they have made in moving the ministry forward in there own way.

I know that a lot of them have made success out of it while some are struggling out of it. One even had a glamorous Premiere in Lagos with Top and respected men of God present.

“No matter what, the question to ask ANCEDRAM is that how many percentage of people that produce movies are members of ANCEDRAM ?
because I’ve been to many ANCEDRAM congresses and I don’t see so many faces, I also doubt if many of those people that are using secular casts, are Ancedram members.
if they are not, what is the plan of Ancedram to bring them in?

ANCEDRAM must Prove that they know whom their members are.
ANCEDRAM should also come up with other things that will empower its members in terms of their Health, Training and treading related ideas, etc.
what is the stand of the association on followings
1. How do I become a member

2. What are the benefits in times of marketing and distribution or support.

3. What is the association stand on proliferation of films schools

4. What is the plan to review the Constitution to reflect current realities

5. What is the association vision for the future.

6. Why is it that 90% of members do not attend congress

7. Why is it that the Instagram page only have 10  likes

8. Why should we not use secular actors

9. What will i do if a producer use a secular without my consent as an actor? should i leave the set or act in faith?

10. what happens to the film already made?

11. what will the association do if a member uses a secular cast?

I’m really excited that the association is taking charge of its members, Because when there is Lacuna, everybody begins to do whatever they like.
Everyone knows that the association frowns at it.

so the gist is now that, you better go and cancel your membership or you join another association so that you can use it or you stay in ANCEDRAM.

The association needs to ask itself; what are my members going to be benefiting from this associations?

What are the benefits of being members apart from going to National Congress and doing ID card because that’s what i know people struggle to do there. What are the other benefits, what are the benefit as a member?

“Then what is our contribution because association of that kind should never lack fund. If the so called members are paying their dues it should never lack fund.

Then we can say maybe all this collaboration or issues of secular cast is coming out because there are no mega projects like Esin-Ajoji that was done that time, which was was really MEGA

“So, the association can say OK. Every two years time you have to do a mega project and they have to do it.

If these people are not benefiting they look outside the box and when people start looking outside the box, you can’t now start creating law outside the box.

ANCEDRAM should not end up by saying that this is our constitution, they should also move ahead and review it to reflect the current realities”

What are we going to benefit from it and the association also have to be very sensitive to the society, to the move in the society. What i mean by being sensitive is ‘why is it that our people want to use secular artiste,’ they should research it, they should be sensitive (just like our pastors will say let us be sensitive to the move of God) and answer those questions holistically. why are they going outside?
why do they feel that there is something outside?
is it better for marketing or will win more souls?

So, when we begin to answer all those questions the association will move forward.

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3 thoughts on “My Advice to ANCEDRAM- Olaitan Faranpojo

    1. I really support your view. Because presently I don’t think many people really remember what ANCEDRAM stand for there is need for review as you have said. As far as we don’t want to deviate there most be something new. We most upgrade and move forward.

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