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The first thing that got me to watch “The Scar” is its bold set of poster pictures. This promise of aesthetics went further into its opening credits that looked quite cinematic and even symbolic, though the lettering of the names was rather lean for visibility. The sound design as well showed traces of creativity and professionalism. A delve into the boxing arena was also a potential set-piece with the appropriate kind of background tune that would liven up the movie more. I believe this kind of Christian production is a step in the right direction.

Ajibare Abioye

“The Scar” tells the story of Bimpe, though it purports to be that of her mother, Folasade, who suffers from the hands of a beast in her childhood. It’s rather ironic that in a bid for self-preservation, she ends up creating another kind of monster in Bimpe, whose only chance at redemption before crossing the Rubicon is a lucid moment with Phoebe, a Christian girl. Thus, “The Scar” shows us the effects of parenting by one’s negative experiences, rather than in the way of the Lord.

In view of improvement, I think “The Scar” should have started with Folasade’s ordeal as a child, so that we’d feel for who she consequently becomes, rather than leaving it for much later when it had become obvious. Secondly, it had too many short scenes made worse by the repeated establishment shots interlacing them, which hindered viewing flow. Lastly, it’s unclear how the police got wind of her location before capturing her on both occasions, and a bit more flair would enhance dialogue.

Conclusively, “The Scar” balances its message up by showing that in spite of our upbringings, we still get to choose whom we follow and what becomes of our lives.

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The Scar (March 19, 2023)
55 minutes
Calvary Drama Ministry

Bamike Are as Bimpe
Funke Ogunniran as Folasade
Jatto Oyiza as Phoebe
Moses Korede Are Jnr as David

Bamike Rebecca Are
Olatunde Raheem
Olatunde Raheem
Moses Korede Are

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