MOVIE REVIEW: “The Keeper 3: Voice Of Sacrifice” Produced By Femi Adebile


Reviewed By Ajibare Abioye

Hey folks! You’re welcome to the review of Voice of Sacrifice, the third part of the The Keeper movies. This has been a challenging one to review because, in the words of a viewer on YouTube, “This is not a movie, but warfare”. That should have been clear as, from the publicity ahead of its release, the producers had advised its viewing be accompanied with a fast, and that certain precautions be taken if being watched in a church auditorium. Furthermore, a vigil would be held on the immediate Friday after each release. In other words, the movie was going to be a thoroughly serious business and it indeed turned out so.

Ajibare Abioye

The movie highlights the need for revelation in order for us to know key things that determine our success or failure in life. Hence, it’s a mystery drama that gradually unravels some of its unknown events. The dialogue was filled with so much exposition on altars that as again advised, you’d need a notepad to pen them down on.

More work was done to improve on the audio design from previous movies, while the dual subtitles were also more appropriately done. I would say that a charged spiritual delivery by Philip in a scene with his parents was glorious to watch.

With the way this ministration is panning out, the story might just eventually take a back-seat to its message. While this would be undermining the power of the film medium in my opinion, I cannot deny the profound nature and power of its dramatic deliverance sessions. Hence, I’d rather urge you to participate in the vigil after each episode, than do my usual review of the subsequent parts.
So, till the next article, stay blessed!

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1 thought on “MOVIE REVIEW: “The Keeper 3: Voice Of Sacrifice” Produced By Femi Adebile

  1. Awesome review Mr Abioye
    The movie indeed is a warfare….I had done reviews of part 2 on my blog www anastasiaruth.wordpress.com but I had to hold my peace on this one because I felt the dialogue system had changed. It’s beginning to seem like a stage drama that introduces it’s viewers to prayer rather than a movie. I know there are mysteries that it unravels and Mr Femi and his team has done well to keep us wondering, although I wished on this part 3 the mystery as to who has kept the sacrifice going was what they wanted revealed but am keeping still and can’t wait to see part 4 as that may be what I and others see but yes it is a dramatic warfare introduction for the viewers who may have been unaware of things like this in the society

    Great review bro

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