Movie Review: The Impossible, Directed By Yemi Adepoju

Reviewed By Ajibare Abioye

For with God, nothing shall be impossible” goes Luke 1:37, and that is the message drummed into the ears and hearts of the audience of the movie “Impossible”. God specialises in doing things that fall into this category and whenever that happens, there is renewed reverence of Him in man’s heart. Such are the circumstances presented in this film and it enlightened me further on the reason for this – God’s word will never fail. And when we align with it in spite of our circumstances, then we encounter joy unspeakable. No matter how many times the devil declares “It’s not possible” over our lives as children of God, our Heavenly Father has the final say.

One thing I looked forward to when the publicity of this movie began last year was seeing the Adepoju siblings acting side by side, as portrayed in a rather dull poster picture. They act David and Joy here, a couple-to-be, and I feel that though they are the protagonists in concept, we don’t see enough of their relationship in “Impossible”. This could have been achieved through a character set-up where we witness a bit of how they met, thus providing an opportunity for us to know who they are. Hence, the chemistry was not really there in my opinion.


In conclusion, though the forces against them in “Impossible” made boast of their evil decrees, we see that no man can stand against the Lord and win. If they don’t bow, they’ll most likely be crushed. Hallelujah!

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Till the next article, stay blessed!

Impossible (January 27, 2023 [YouTube Release])
69 minutes
Victory Drama Group

Victor Adepoju as David
Mercy Adepoju as Joy
Feyi Adepoju as Iya Adua
Yemi Adepoju as Daddy David
Shade Fadiji as Mummy David
Seyi Fadiji as Pastor
Yinka Akintola as Baba

Yemi Adepoju
Sesan Afolayan
Seyi Fadiji
Yemi Adepoju and Olufemi Olusina

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