Movie Review: “Oniyangi” Directed By Adedare John Olusegun


Reviewed By Ajibare Abioye

Hey, folks! You’re welcome to this review of the newest seasonal gospel movie titled “Oniyangi: The Destiny Changer”. It is a five-episode series that takes you on quite a journey that climaxes in its finale, which makes the individual parts building up to it worthwhile.

Ajibare Abioye

“Oniyangi” gives the viewer a treat of one of the most consistent displays of aerial cinematography, with suitable music to accompany it. The film has two layers of plot and uses these aesthetics to oscillate between them. Along with its beautiful scenery (rightly shot on a Black Magic Design as indicated in the end credits), it’s a visual delight for the most time. Similarly, it occasionally makes use of an otherworldly scene which had quite impressive effects/backgrounds. Generally thus, the movie ensures you have a high-quality production to feast your eyes upon.

Partly situated in a Nigerian cultural setting, “Oniyangi” devotes some time to exhibiting a bit of the richness of the Yoruba culture, particularly the hunters’ rendition of their ‘occupational number’ called ijala. Likewise, the eagle-eye shots displayed the beauty of villages and hamlets in some rural settings.

This series takes its time to build the story, and I think this is ultimately rewarding in its final episodes. It does something that I consider most remarkable by fishing in uncommon Biblical story waters to bring out a powerful point that is very pertinent to us in this day. It is quite some revelation that has been staring us in the face for a long time, which we may not have paid attention to. The fact remains though, that when we know the truth, it brings the freedom that we might have desired for the longest period of time (John 8:32).

Furthermore, it captures the nature of relationship between certain Biblical characters that I had never really thought of before. What might have seemed like a simple conversation between two brothers in that story is shown as a moment with so much gravity that it would transcend that age into those to come. Hence, “Oniyangi” brings a fresh perspective to this Biblical narrative, and I am always up for one.

I always like scenarios where the audience is made to see more than what the characters know: a situation where we’re rooting for the protagonist who unfortunately makes the wrong choice. The protagonist in “Oniyangi”, Mayokun, played by Olasunkanmi Solomon, does so, but in all that, I saw God’s hand of love still drawing him close. I also noted that only the Holy Spirit can give us the grace to keep going after lost sheep after they’ve rebuffed our several attempts to reach out to them.

Those earlier-applauded aerial shots were however one too many in my opinion, and this happens when the typical notion of establishment is not improvised upon. There are other technical and notional transitions and ways in which this can be done, such that it won’t take the sting out of the narrative. Also, I would have loved to have seen some interesting aspects of that Biblical story portrayed, for they would have been achieved only through creative special effects.

In a time when gospel movie series are really coming up, “Oniyangi” is another entry that would bless your life as you watch it. It has premiered today, Saturday, March 4, 2023, on DIGEM TV channel on YouTube; the link to Episode 1 is here. Ensure you click the notification bell, so that you’ll be alerted once a new episode drops. Thank you.

Till the next article, stay blessed!

Film Credits

Oniyangi: The Destiny Changer (Streaming March 4, 2023)

30 minutes/episode



Olasunkanmi Solomon as Mayokun

Adetona Oluwakayode as Oniyangi

Abigail Adedare as Mrs Pariola

Rotimi Amodu as Mr Pariola

Mike Taiwo as Akinlabi



Adedare John Olusegun


Sesan Afolayan


Oluwashayo Ade


Komolafe Hezron


Adedare John Olusegun

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