Movie Review: OJIJI IKU Written By Olivet Odunsi 


Reviewed by Ajibare Abioye

“Òjíjí Iku” is a simple yet powerful story of the redemption and deliverance that man has in God. It focuses on the story of Agbeke who has been running away all her life from forces that do not need hands to catch her nor feet to chase her. She does all she can humanly speaking to avert danger for her household, only that she searches in the wrong places and meets nothing but disappointment there.


While veteran drama minister, Idowu Oluwaferanmi (3 is a Crowd [2023], Beyond I do 2 [2021]) features in “Òjíjí Iku” and her star power aided the publicity of the movie, I would say most of the other actors also hold their own. In a sense, their “unpopularity” enables the audience to focus on the story itself, which just moves along nicely.


Generally speaking, “Ojiji Iku” is a proper evangelical movie that could be used for outreaches in both rural and urban areas. Perhaps, the plot could have been made a little tighter, but in all, it’s quite a good watch and would bless you.



Below is link to the movie:


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