Movie Review: “My Dream” Produced By Gloria Bamiloye

Reviewed By Ajibare Abioye

Hey folks! You’re welcome to the review of My Dream, written and produced by Evangelist Gloria Bamiloye and directed by Evangelist Richard Omidiwura. It was premiered on YouTube on September 17, 2022 before being made public a week later.

I consider My Dream’s approach to creating protagonists a bit unique, in the sense that it’s tough to pin it down to one individual’s journey. It felt like four intertwined stories of almost equal measure, all a blessing to me. On first impressions, the story seems to be about Deolu, whose dreams of greatness are tested when he’s faced with a decision that might change the course of his life. Subsequently though, I observed the film also follows Mama Tunde, giving us a bit of her backstory, motivations and desires. Mr Ishola and Mama Deolu also have a bit of screen time for us to learn submission to God. So, as much as I’m a proponent for that one compelling protagonist, I enjoyed having different stories to follow that were able to achieve balance at the end of the day.

All characters played their roles well and it was like music to my ears, as Evangelist Shola Mike-Agboola’s soothing voice and fluid delivery of lines breezed over the Jay-Mikee-led sound department’s film scores in a good number of scenes, as Teacher. Also, Deolu’s friends, played by Tomisin Fasola and Sewedo Wusa, took their exchanges of dialogue very well.

The peaceful atmosphere in My Dream registered to my senses that, in the final analysis, everything would be okay. For every child of His, God has inspired a dream; we have to note though, that there’s always a process and a passage of time. Between ‘little’ and ‘large’ is usually a journey of challenges, as in the cases of Joseph and David in the Bible. Each obstacle has to be a stepping stone to the next level. It is required at such times for us to get more intimate with God in prayer and Bible study, remain on the side of righteousness, maintain a positive attitude while confessing God’s word, count your blessings, and never get discouraged, even if at times, you’d be the one to encourage yourself in God. In all, just keep moving forward.

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  1. Nice write up….indeed it was a great movie and the twist in reenacting the original bible tale with a step mum who made use of diabolic things great…I also loved the dialogue of Deolu’s friends…fit for their age
    Mummy Glory has a way of writing for family healing and I love it


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