Movie Review: JANE, Produced By Olajumoke Sasere


Reviewed By Ajibare Abioye

“Jane” is a unique movie in the sense that it focuses on a theme that is uncommon – remarriage – and addresses the potential issue of comparison of spouses. This film should be applauded for reaching widows and widowers with truths that would help them get the best of their new marriages.


Ajibare Abioye

Here, Deacon Solomon and Jane have had a ‘peaceful’ marriage only because the latter sacrificed everything she humanly had. Of course, only a man as selfish and desperate as Solomon would require that of his wife. In the early period of the film, Jane’s demise causes him to be rueful of all his selfish acts and he seemed to have turned a corner. The odd subsequent presence of Dorcas ushers in the side of a desperate single who thinks the deacon’s home might then be the best place to perch and build her nest. Seemingly corrected of her error by her spiritual leaders, “Jane” then does something that would make me talk about the story crafting aspect of the movie.


Spoiler alert – Dorcas surprisingly gets married to the deacon, or I’d say a caricature of him that paints an appalling picture of a ‘useless’ husband. The situation of the home is terrible and I believe many would have been in support of Dorcas. At the height of this, alas! It was a dream. Though the movie touts it as a revelation, I’d beg to differ because it paints pictures that negate the arc and reconsideration that Deacon and Dorcas respectively experience prior to it. Hence, the displayed remarriage should either have been made reality or the suffering Jane goes through should have been portrayed before her passing on, after which we’d see how Deacon would navigate his new marriage after his regrets about the first. Adopting either of the aforementioned would have also helped in character development and ‘showing’ (rather than telling), which are both light in “Jane”.


In any case, the movie contains a lesson for married couples as well not to compare their spouses with either of their parents. It also stresses on the need for seminars to address these matters.


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Jane (March 12, 2023)

77 minutes

Faith Eagle Drama Ministry (FEDRAM) and Vineyard of Faith Multimedia



Richard Omidiwura as Deacon Solomon

Olujumoke Sasere as Jane

Boluwatife Dada as Dorcas

Temidayo Ayodele as Pastor Felix

Justina Olusola as Pastor’s Wife




Justina Olusola


David Dosunmu


Abidemi Emmanuel


Olugbenga Sasere