MOVIE REVIEW: “Jailer” produced by Mount Zion Productions and Faith-Lift Productions


Reviewed by Ajibare Abioye

Hey folks! You’re welcome to the review of “Jailer”, a movie from the collaboration between Faith-lift Productions and the Mount Zion Film Productions. The story was from Pastor J.F. Odesola, while written for the screen by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye. I’ll make this review very much spoiler-free, I’ll probably do a fuller review when it’s later released on YouTube.

Ajibare Abioye


“Jailer” tells the story of Temilola Williams whose father was murdered by a gang called the Black Scorpion Gang and who is bent on getting some form of justice on the supposed only surviving member of that gang.

“Jailer” was very interesting and filled with powerful lessons. It was technically well made – the costuming was beautiful, the picture quality was high, the ministry name display of Faith-lift Productions seemed like something out-of-Nigeria, the aerial shots were very nice, I’d say the most beautiful among recent Mount Zion movies and it was reminiscent of those taken in Land of Fury. The character introduction shot for Baba Adegbola was pretty cool, while the movie features a symbolic shot I hope to discuss about in my extended review of this film. It was nice to see a scene shot very briefly under real rainfall. For the soundtrack, it was creatively and emphatically used throughout the film. The dialogue as you’d expect was great and humorous, and the code-mixing and code-switching of English and Yoruba made the conversations feel very natural, relatable and believable. That was a very good choice of linguistic style.

Talking about the ministrations and performances, Martha Oguma really nailed her part, Damilola Mike-Bamiloye was awesome, Bayo Dipeolu was fantastic as ever. Adenike Aderemi-Fashikun, Adeoye Omoniyi, Pastor Bisi Akande, Omolara Ayoola, Victor Olukoju PVO, Ogunbiyi Adeyinka from The Train, Ayo Afolabi from Abattoir Season 1, Moyowa Okitikpi from My Mother-in-Law and a host of others really played their roles well.

This story is really touching. One of the lines that caught my attention the most is something like “If you’re fighting a battle you don’t know how to win, you fight it God’s way”. What touched me most is how the movie shows that God’s word – that word from God, that word of assurance, word of prophecy, that word of promise – how it makes the difference. Words can give life and can also take it. The margin between life and death could be determined by the words you allow to stay in you. All in all, Jailer is a very powerful movie and is surely a delight to watch.

Alright, we’ve come to the end of the review of “Jailer”. I believe that in time, it’ll come to YouTube too.


  1. Will be looking forward to your ministrations in the northern region of NIGERIA even as well as your movie premiers


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