Movie Review: Hot Judgement, Produced By Olaniyi Samuel


Reviewed By Ajibare Abioye

“Hot Judgement” is a movie that presents a picture of the untold agony of those who choose the broad way in their lives on earth. It comprises harrowing tales of how different people missed the path of light and why they landed in outer darkness where there is “weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 8:12). We see that the wicked here on the earth will ultimately get what they deserve in the life after. It’s an eternal experience no one would want to have, and so, it is essential we live godly now.

Some of the subjects of “Hot Judgement” were people who had been saved but were cast into the fire for one sin or the other. I don’t have perfect understanding about whether singular sins lead to hell but the Scriptures say all unrighteousness is sin (1John 5:17) – both not doing what God wants and doing what He doesn’t want. John 16:8 makes it clear though that the Holy Spirit would convict the world of sin because people DO NOT BELIEVE IN JESUS. That is the real gospel – that believing in Jesus saves us from sin so that we would have eternal life, which is knowing God and the Son whom He has sent (John 17:3).

So, why might some believers end up in hell? Matthew 6:23 tells us that some people think they have light, which actually is darkness. Matthew 15:8 clarifies that such people honour God with their lips but their hearts are far from Him, and so, they can SAY (as in Matthew 7:21) “Lord! Lord!” Luke 6:46 details the Lord’s concern about them because they don’t DO WHAT HE WANTS; they don’t ACTUALLY DO THE WILL OF THE FATHER (Matthew 7:21b) even though they prophesy, cast out demons and perform many miracles in Jesus’ name (Matthew 7:22). What then do we do to not be in this class? Jesus says that when we come to Him, we must LISTEN to His teaching and FOLLOW it; we must DO GOD’S WILL (Luke 6:47). It is therefore sacrosanct that we follow God’s plans for our lives and stay on the path He’s put us on. I think that’s a better way to consider this, rather than singling out sins, because we definitely cannot see all our wrongs (Psalm 19:12).

With regard to the filmmaking aspect, I would almost say that “Hot Judgement” has no story. From precedence, special care needs to be taken when a film aims and claims to ‘reveal mysteries’ because then, the onus is on the producers to come up with something truly profound, inexplicable and almost beyond understanding. Not doing this causes the story to suffer, which would then usually lead to a drab affair. Most characters in this film tell their stories and two random visualisations are used; there is no real human to care about, and the background tune is in a similar state.

Of course, the theme should be accorded utmost seriousness, but quality movie production that engages the audience should not be compromised. The power of credible visual effects and appropriate settings was probably underestimated as they were below-par and almost momentarily laughable. Most cringeworthy for me was the live crude decapitation of a fowl which left me in disbelief, because I feel the portrayal of any obscenity in a faith-based film ought to be discreet.

Suffice to say, “Hot Judgement” was devoid of any tact, and I hope that subsequently, crucial messages like this are handled with technicality and a touch of finesse, thereby ministering better to audiences.

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Hot Judgement (March 13, 2023 [Re-release])
51 minutes
LIGOFEM International Film Production

Timmy Adebola as Julius
Jide Ogunmilade as Angel
Sam Aliu as Deacon Owolabi
Deborah Adeola as Deaconness
Seun Oni as Deacon Bolaji
Segun Badejo as Mr Dapo

Olaniyi Samuel Oladiran NSO
Kunle Adepoju
Abidemi Emmanuel
Olaniyi Samuel Oladiran NSO

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