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Reviewed by Ajibare Abioye

Something I have observed about many gospel and Christian films is that even after watching a couple of times, you’d still need to pray for more spiritual understanding so that they could impact our lives to the maximum. “Hacked” is one of such movies.

Ajibare Abioye

You’re welcome to the review of the short film “Hacked” from EVOM World Network. I’m beginning to fall in love with EVOM short films because they are creating a knack for innovation. Firstly, “Corked” marked the new introductory tune for the ministry name display, during the review of which I commended it but also expressed my thoughts on the need to accompany it with a modern-day animation (The link to that article “Hacked” marks the start of that animation and it was beautiful to see the contemporary interpretation of the old animation; very well done.

The music in recent EVOM movies has had this distinct feel to it and it’s the same here. Tomisin and Feranmi Agboola should be commended for their industry in the Sound Effects and Music of these films. I believe there’s more and better to come from them. Similarly, the cinematography by Tomisin Agboola plays a vital role in the early stages of the story by showing, and not telling.

As I’ve said in previous reviews, the level of propriety shown by EVOM movies is remarkable and it’s seen in the design used for the film’s title, one connected with computer codes, similar to the one launched by “The Matrix” trilogy. This made me think though that the story would be about a certain cyber criminal called Pius; it wasn’t. It was something more, and something quite different. It’s sort of a mirror of one of the challenges of our lives in this age; we’re very, very, very busy. It’s relatable to us both physically and spiritually. No spoilers. So, watch it and you’ll get what I’m talking about.

In any case, there’s this scene that brilliantly portrays what spiritual hacking entails. The only speaker in that scene is a preacher but he’s off-screen throughout while Pius is busy with something else; that was a succinct illustration of the literal state of Pius’ mind. In one ear, out the other. This affected not only his walk with God, but also his job. I still pray for better understanding of this movie, because I really feel it’s deep with realities that would help us in our relationship with God.

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