Movie Review: Dark Moment Episode 3, Season 1 Produced By Converter Adeyemo



Reviewed By Ajibare Abioye

“Dark Moment” is a narrative of resolutions and unexpected conflicts. I give it to the writer – he knows very well how to tie plot knots. Something this series so far makes me want to do is to, as much and soon as possible, deal with any ‘issues of life’ I’m faced with. This is because some of these things eventually become thorns in one’s flesh.


With a denouement for the raised stakes from the previous episode come a renewed chance at life for every member of Pastor Bayo’s family. This involves the introduction of a new character, Moyo, expertly played by Olumide Isedowo. He delivers his lines smoothly and I celebrate his proposal scene for being a breakaway from cliché. His charm on me later turns on its head though and I was shocked at his reactions to subsequent unpleasant developments.


Like I opined last week, Mummy G.O’s ‘wisdom’ in handling the conflict so far is questionable.
Mummy G.O actually gave Pastor Bayo’s wife book entitled Forgetting Your Past by Bob Gass and Discovering your Destiny by same author.
I hope the movie runs a verdict on it eventually, so that the accurate lessons will be conveyed to the audience. Unfortunately, this matter now seems like the Lernaean Hydra that develops two heads when you cut one off. It may be safe to assume that things didn’t change much within the jump in time this episode adopts as Ore pretty much does what she loathed her mother for. Admittedly, the circumstances have continued to be complicated, but it seems she has been no wiser for it. I just did not understand her actions and inactions at this point.


This episode comprehensively tells us that in the human sense, God doesn’t call the qualified but qualifies the called. No one is perfect, but if we let God, He will make miracles out of our mistakes, bring testimonies out of our tests, and form a message out of our mess.


The next episode comes out on June 25, 2023, through Converter Movie Production YouTube channel.


The link to Episode 3 is


Till the next review, stay blessed!

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