Movie Review: “Dark Corner,” Produced By Seun Adejumobi

Reviewed By Ajibare Abioye

Dark Corner is a production of Fruit Bearers’ Films. After getting a seemingly inconsequential opening scene out of the way, it settles into its story centred on Gift, a Christian lady on the verge of next levels in her life. The film shows the importance of illumination for the eyes of our hearts. God knows who everyone really is; therefore, He’s the only One that can reveal the depths of wickedness in a man’s soul, as well as the future ramifications of our present decisions.

Dark Corner further demonstrates the beauty of having godly friends, while avouching how even mentor-mentee relationships need to be umpired by God’s truth. Going forward, it should be noted that more investment in character development is essential to getting the audience emotionally infused to the story.


The link to the movie

Dark Corner (2022)
Fruit Bearers’ Films
67 minutes

MaryAnne Enereba as Gift
Tunrayo Falade as Mama
Olalekan Adesina (Elgee) as Remilekun
IfeOluwa Adejumobi as Faith
Seun Adejumobi as Fred Badejo
Jide Ogunmilade as Baba
John Oguntuase as Raymond

Seun Adejumobi
Opeyemi Gbadebo
Dosunmu Davd, Oreofe Johnson
Abiola Babatola ‘Nattytunez’
Sewedo Wusa

Till the next review, stay blessed!


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