Movie Review: ‘Boisterous Wind,’ Produced By Paul Aremu (Sean Paul)

Review By Ajibare Abioye


Boisterous Wind” is a Christian movie that aims to depict the dispositions believers may have to some of life’s challenges and their consequences. This perception by the reviewer is based on the film’s title, because on one hand, it has a promising protagonist in Gideon, played by Timmy Adebola, a music minister frustrated out of church and who yields to the pressure to begin what God didn’t instruct him to. The film then tells another story of a couple, David and Bimpe, which has nothing to do with the former at any point. A perusal of the textual trio of Scriptures at the end informs the conclusion that the writer ultimately chased two rabbits, and the result was expectedly two dissimilar plots in one motion picture.

Ajibare Abioye

What I felt the most in “Boisterous Wind” was a genuine moment involving a doctor who reached an epiphany in being thankful to God in all circumstances. That also placed Bimpe in an exalted position of spirituality. Unfortunately, this glimmer ends just there because there is little or no character development in the film. They just do things; we don’t know what within them informs their words or actions. Hence, there’s hardly any real character to be emotionally invested in.


The “Show, Don’t Tell” principle of story writing is grossly flouted in “Boisterous Wind”. Virtually every detail that could have spiced up the movie, such as Gideon’s activities as a music minister and his performance as a pastor, are sacrificed on the altar of exposition. I’m not saying the film needs to be longer (definitely not!) but a filmmaker chooses what is important to engage the audience and kills his darlings, if need be. An addendum to this ‘telling’ is the overused eavesdropping element to determine key events – a move that begs belief in the long run. Also, there ought to have been a better contrastive depiction of the physical world and spiritual realm, and at the end of the day, it was undeterminable for me.


I opine that going forward, movie producers need to see filmmaking as a cohesive whole. It’s not just about narrating individual events and recording them on video; it’s an art that requires attention be given to every aspect of the production process, in order to deliver a solid story with clarity of the message from God to the viewer.


The link to the movie



Boisterous Wind (March 12, 2023)

62 minutes

The Radiant Grace Ministries



Timmy Adebola as Gideon

Bunmi Aremu as Moyomola

Olujide Adedeji as David

Lola Oyejide as Bimpe




Tobi Areo


Tobi Areo


Paul Aremu


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