MOVIE REVIEW: “ABEJOYE Season 5 Episode 1” Produced by Mount Zion Film Productions

By Ajibare Abioye

Hey folks! You’re welcome to this article where I share with you my thoughts on the first episode of Abejoye Season 5. It was an hour-long episode which featured a few new things such as new logos for Flaming Sword Ministries International and Mount Zion Film Productions, a new theme song which has been playing in my head since I first heard it, and new characters played by familiar faces like the Aro Meta-esque trio of Dasola Bamidele, Tolulope Shoneye and Mojisola Ogunlana, Eric Amole-Adams from Games Season 1, and the Kembe Isonu ensemble of Yemi Akande, Dele Oguntola and Lere Adio.

Ajibare Abioye

For me, the most striking motifs in this episode are translation and repositioning. Kinkin-yinun’s old evil comrades searched for her in their meeting venues of darkness but did not find her there because she had been translated. Kabiyesi Ajibogun was invited to shrines of idolatry but he turned it down because he had been repositioned. On the other hand, Bro Henry, lured by an ungodly aspiration, doesn’t think twice before returning to his vomit. My prayer has thus been that, having being brought into the kingdom of light, I’ll never again be found in places of darkness.

I like what this season wants to do with what looked like happily-ever-after’s for Bamidele’s and Dedun’s families from previous seasons. It draws parallels of reality by showing that we’ll always need to work on our families and keep getting better; else, forces are constantly at hand to tear them apart. Perhaps, it’ll culminate in a USA scene from the trailer, where we’ll see how Bamidele deals with his returning demons.

It was good to once again see the Pastor whom I admire so much still pastoring his flock faithfully. Along with Baba Abejoye, it is clear that the role of a mediator could be a tough task as dynamics of the human nature are involved.

As should be expected, translation into the Light comes with a fair share of persecutions and Kabiyesi seems to have something coming for him. The soon-to-be Asipa appears quite brazenly dangerous, unlike the former one who was a snake in the grass.

In a scene that illustrates dreamy demonic activity through special effects, KKY makes a valid point that no child of God should feast with the devil anymore, after having eaten at the Lord’s table. I pray that only things that correctly reflect Christ will be found in our lives in Jesus name.

So, those are my thoughts on Abejoye Season 5 Episode 1. Have you seen it? What stuck with you the most? Please, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

You could watch the episode below:

Till the next article, stay blessed!


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