MOVIE REVIEW: Abejoye Season 4 Episode 1, produced by Mount Zion and Flaming Sword


Reviewed by Ajibare Abioye

Abejoye Season 4 Episode 1 is eye-opening to the effect that we get a profound understanding of what it means for God the Almighty to be our Defender.

What’s up, gospel movie fans out there? Compliments of the season! You’re welcome to the first part of my reviews for Abejoye Season 4.

Ajibare Abioye

This collaboration between Flaming Sword Ministries International and the Mount Zion Film Productions has produced a very smooth storytelling season after season. The standout new character for me is Kinkin-yinun who is seamlessly introduced into this season after she had made a brief appearance in Season 3. She is played by Bunmi Bamitale who gives a high-octane, incantation-heavy performance all through. She expresses confidence and fear in the same energetic way. She delivers her lines powerfully; she huffs and puffs for several minutes, which shows how charged up she needs to be for battle. To be sincere, I wondered what made her so confident and I thought that maybe she would be able to hurt Baba in one way or another, but, we know the God of Abejoye, we know our God, don’t we? The Almighty has a track record of success and defeats all His foes.


Over the seasons of Abejoye, there has been a stylish introduction of Baba but this one is my favourite; how so? A lot of talk about him had already gone ahead – most people were in dread of him, many had said false things about him because they didn’t understand how things were working well for him. I think that’s what it means for God to send His terror ahead of you and to throw everyone who comes against you into confusion. Abejoye didn’t wish them evil but they all wanted him out of their lives. That meant that Baba didn’t show up in this movie until the 20th minute, reciting Psalm 23, and then, he turned and looked towards the camera.

There are two highlights of Season 4 Episode 1 for me; the first is the look on Baba’s face as Kinkin-yinun chanted away at her incantations. I just couldn’t stop laughing with each shot of it. The second is the meeting between Oluoje and Abejoye, the new brothers in Christ. Remember that while it seemed that Abejoye would definitely be the one to evangelise Ajibogun, things took an unexpected turn when he disobeyed God’s instructions, and it was Oluoje who found Jesus and began that work. By God’s mercy, Abejoye was restored and now, Ajibogun has two evangelists. Alone, each of them is a force but together, they’ll make a movement. One amazing thing is that Olayiotan didn’t even know half of the battles God had fought for him, so he didn’t understand the rejection of his kinsmen. That’s for us to realise that we don’t even know how much of God’s protection and defence we enjoy on a daily basis; we don’t know the many answers to our prayers He’s given. So, it’s very important that we do not ever become ungrateful; we need to thank God for what He’s done that we know, what He’s done that we do not know, and that which He would still do for us.


This episode got me praying at intervals and that’s why I said it’s eye-opening. We need to be confident that no machinations of the enemy against us, no weapon fashioned against our loved ones would work or come to fruition. We even see that sometimes, those that hate us look for the slightest excuse to hurt us; but we must trust that while it seems the enemy is winning, God is setting them up for a great disgrace. By the power of the Almighty, no evil meant to bring sorrow to us or our loved ones will come near us, in Jesus name.

So, as we’ve seen in the preview of Episode 2, a really callous Dr Edmond would try to hurt Diwura, but have no fear; it’s not the first time someone would try to hurt her and fail. It bounced on Bamidele that time but now, I think he’s steadier in his relationship with God. There seems to be better communication between him and Mama Gboyega, and that tells us how important it is to be spiritually strong individually. The episode starts and ends with a new soundtrack that keeps things fresh in the series.

Watch out for Episode 2 coming out on Sunday, December 27, 2020 on Damilola Mike-Bamiloye YouTube channel. Also watch out for my Top 5 Gospel Movie Soundtracks and my Top 10 Gospel Movies in 2020 to be posted on December 25 and 27 respectively. Thanks so much.

You can watch the movie below :

Till the next article, stay blessed.


  1. That’s a very good review, God bless you. My most touching part is how Jesus could make two hardened enemies to become best of friend and allies, I mean Àbèjoyè and Oluoje who wanted eachother dead at all cost before are now kinsmen in Jesus. That got me shedding tears. Jesus is so good. Once aagain, you did a good review and I love it.

  2. Indeed you did justice to the review, more grace brother.
    Episode 2 will be more powerful bases with the clips I saw, Dr. Edmund charm ring won’t have any effect on Diwura. I only hope this will make him believe that it is only in God that salvation and divine protection is.
    Kinkinyinun I hope you will give your life to Christ before leaving Baba Olaiyiotan room.
    I am eager to watch the complete season as I strongly wish and pray Baba Olaiyiotan Abejoye must not backslide.

  3. That was a very comprehensive review of this wonderful movie, like you rightly said this is an eye-opener that our God is a God of love, peace and protection for his children at the same time a nightmare for his enemies, Good review sir.


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