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Reviewed by Ajibare Abioye

Welcome to my review of Abattoir Season 2 Episode 3. It is just over an hour long and quite a lot happens in it.

The recap done in the Previously on Abattoir section was meaningfully drafted; it didn’t comprise clips from the last episode alone, but went all the way back into Season 1 to get parts of the story directly linked with this episode. This served as a refresher course of some sort and helped in establishing the background knowledge needed to follow this episode correctly. That was a good one.

Ajibare Abioye

Also, Abattoir is building up to be a very good gospel thriller and it has had that edge of crime in it from its first episode. Though we the audience are aware that Martins has been set up, it was nice to see the investigations and questionings that give Abattoir Season 2 a detective movie feel.

I loved the acting of Ayo Afolabi as Mr Wale in this episode. Everything about his character was natural and believable. I have observed that in some movie series, the protagonist especially is given a slight change in appearance, just to inject a little bit of freshness into a new season. That happens for Mr Wale here, and along with his character arc, that is, his journey from the desperation that made him accept a bribe from an unknown source, to his realization that he had done the wrong thing and that he needed God’s help, and his dialogue, he evolves as a solid character. In fact, the ending of his scene with Mr Adegbola really touched me.

Another notable moment in this episode was when Mama Gbenro told her husband she loves him; that struck a chord. Baba was so stunned that he stammered and all he was able to say was “God bless you”, which points to maybe something deep in Baba’s heart about the matter.

For some of us that were beginning to think that Baba Gbenro was superhuman, we see that he also has battles he has to fight. I hope we’ll get an insight into Baba’s heart subsequently.

We witness more of the special relationship between Flora and Sandra here too. I like the mystery edge to their story because, while in Season 1, we probably had no reason to wonder about Flora’s backstory, in this season, I’m really eager to know more about how things became the way they are between her and her mother. In fact, I think that the potential in the content of Abattoir is enough to have one more season. I’m not declaring there will be, but I’m just saying I won’t be surprised if there will be.

One thing I don’t understand though is Gbade’s insistence on Flora testifying in court, especially because it’s quite obvious that her testimony would only puncture holes in their case. I would have liked that part to be more believable. Perhaps, Gbade wants her eventual death to look like an attack from Martins camp. We’ll see.

There’s a shot in this episode that I like so much and it created the desired effect. At the moment Gbenro referred to his father as Mr Folarin, a vertigo-like shot was used to hone in on a Baba Gbenro shocked to his roots; that was very well done. All in all, Episode 3 was a very nice one and we’re halfway through. We brace ourselves for an entertaining second half.

Alright, we’ve come to the end of this review. Click below to watch the episode:


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