Movie Director condemns people supporting Hushpuppi, says some of his victims would have died


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Gospel Movie Director, John Oguntuase has condemned people supporting and calling for the release of popular fraudster, Hushpuppi.

Oguntuase in a post today says people should stop celebrating evil, saying how can a nation celebrate inequities so much, most especially the youth.

He added that hushpuppi allegedly defrauded 1.926,400 people of 168 billion Naira and some people are still celebrating him saying “he smart”, “he is collecting our forefathers money back”, “everyone na scam,” Gospel Film News gathered.

“Do you even know a great number of people he duped would have died as a result of it by now? , many gone into depression, lost their families, jobs, homes , dignities and more. Do you know how much he has worsen our Image and identity abroad ? I bet you don’t. Just few weeks ago he spent over 6 Million naira in fixing his one of Rolls-Royce’s tyre, money that could transform lives, well he didn’t work for it,” he lamented.

He continued: “This guy owns 13 exotic cars and many unwarranted luxuries living lavishly over other people’s hard earned sweat. I have even seen children of God celebrating him saying he is epitome of prosperity, God blessings doesn’t add sorry bro. Let’s stop this nonsense and call a thief and thief. Whoever is into similar business like his , watch your back. THE WRATH OF GOD IS COMING UPON YOU.”

Ramon Abass popularly known as Hushpuppi has committed series of crime and has been arrested in Dubai where he lives. Below is what you need to know about Hushpuppi:

1. Dubai launched a special operation code-named ‘Operation Fox Hunt 2’ to solve Hushpuppi’s case.

2. It took Dubai police less than four months to crack the case. In the end, 12 gang members of Hushpuppi’s were also arrested. Among them was Olalekan Ponle, aka Woodberry.

3. Dubai police describe Hushpuppi as “an international online scammer known as Ramon Olorunwa Abbas but who goes by Hushpuppi on social media platforms.” Hushpuppi was actually born Ramoni Igbalode.

4. To arrest Hushpuppi and his gang, six raids were carried out simultaneously as the suspects slept in their Dubai residences.

5. After months of painstaking investigation and hours of monitoring the gang’s social media accounts, a team of highly-trained Dubai police officers were able to confirm the gang’s whereabouts and fraudulent activities.

6. Hushpuppi was arrested on multiple fraud charges for crimes committed in different parts of the world.

7. Dubai police say he often boasted about his wealth and expensive possessions on social media; claiming he was a successful businessman.

8. Dubai police tracked Hushpuppi’s every move and took note of all his social media activities.

9. Hushpuppi and his gang reportedly created fake pages for existing websites in order to redirect victims’ payments to their own accounts.

10. Hushpuppi and his gang hacked corporate emails and sent fake messages to clients in order to redirect financial transfers and people’s bank details to their own accounts.

11. Hushpuppi and his gang committed fraud amounting to 1.6 billion dirham (N168bn).

12. Police seized items worth more than 150 million Dirhams from the gang after taking possession of 21 personal computers, 47 smartphones, 15 flash drives and 5 hard disks.

13. 1, 926, 400 victims were allegedly scammed by Hushpuppi and his gang.

14. 13 luxury cars worth 25 million Dirhams were bought by Hushpuppi and his gang with the money stolen from people who have been scammed, according to the police.

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