Mount Zion unveils programme schedule for cartoon station


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The Mount Zion Television station has released programme schedule for her cartoon channel.

This was made known yesterday in a statement by the CEO of Mount Zion TV, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye obtained by Gospel Film News.

Bamiloye noted that programme scheduled for each day can now be viewed on the online cartoon channel, adding that when anyone clicks on the Icon by the side of the screen, such will be able to see the Program Schedules for the day, saying it’s a fantastic Children Cartoon Channel.

He further disclosed that many homes now click on this fantastic ONLINE TV Channel, The Mount Zion Television Cartoons which is for all children till the Teenage Categories.

The film maker also disclosed that children can watch fantastic Children cartoons 24 hours all through the week taking them to edifying stories and games and songs, saying it can be watched on Tablets, Ipads, IPhones, Laptops and Computers and Smart TV.

Below is a direct link to Mount Zion Cartoon TV:


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