Mount Zion Institute Convocation Week In Retrospect



By Oluwafemi Dosu

One of the foremost Christian Drama Institute in Nigeria, Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama in affiliation with Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo has held a week long convocation ceremony, Gospel Film News reports.

The Institute which was established thirty-one years ago is well known for training and Impacting People who have the vision for Christian drama and film production all over the world by making them understand more about their visions and assignments.

The Convocation was held from Monday, November 28th to December 2nd, 2022 with different activities lined up to commemorate the week long event. The graduands graduated with Diploma in Christian Performing Arts.

In a compiled convocation report, Olumide Oki described the week an an impactful and eventful week. He further analysed what happened each day:

✝️ Day 1
“We started on Monday morning 28th, November 2022 with Awards to some of the Diploma Students and to the glory of God, I got the Theatrical Directors Award along side my brothers, Festus Dairo, Tobi Olumuyiwa and Tunde Oladoyin. Also, I got the Leadership Award alongside my big brother, Pastor Idowu David.

There was a second session in the morning where our father in the Lord, Daddy Mike Bamiloye got inducted into the Nigerian Books of Records, Abuja. This was indeed a worthy one for me as leader following him back-to-back because Daddy Mike Bamiloye is a leaders leader.
With the loaded sessions in the morning, I had to adjust my belt as Stream 2 and 3 Diploma Students were getting set for the Theatrical Presentation of Night of Ìjàlo, and the evening session was Spiritically electrifying.

“NIGHT OF IJALO” Theatrical Production Written and Directed by Olumide Oki through the grace of God gave the audience an awakening call to the Eschatological Messianic Kingdom. Hallelujah!

✝️ Day 2
“The morning session was the presentation of certificates to qualified students who successfully went through a path of fulfilling the requirements for Professional Leadership Course in Christian Performing Arts. I got the certificate and I got Distinction with many others who ‘work’ the work.

While the presentation of certificates was going on, my Brother, Festus Dairo who Directed Darkest Night was moving around the corners of the Hall of Grace in Jogor Centre Ibadan trying to put things in order for the Theatrical Presentation of (Mike Bamiloye’s) “DARKEST NIGHT” and I remembered how I was walking ‘without shoes’ in Felicia Hall a day before for the Night of Ìjàlo Theatrical Presentation.

Oh my God, DARKEST NIGHT was massive. The Cast and Crew did an excellent job and I was at the edge of my sit all through. What a wonderful Theatrical Production from Stream 1 and 4.

✝️ Day 3
“We had only the evening session on the third day with the Convocation Movie, ALASEJU.
ALÁSEJÙ Movie was a combination of a lot that was birthed during the Diploma program as the movie pointed our attentions to some core Biblical Doctrines among which are Christology, Harmartiology, Soteriology, Demonology and Biblical Hermeneutics among others through the Poems, the Spiritic dialogues and the core messages of the movie.

✝️ Day 4 was used to strategically plan for the Big-Day 5.

✝️ Day 5
“We had our Thanksgiving service during the Power Night and it was marvelous. The glory of the Lord reflected Mightily and there was an heavy downpour that is launching us into a higher realm of a season of Abundant Harvest.

The premiere of the Movie, Abejoye, the communion service, and the anointing session made everything beautiful in the sight of the Lord as He has ordained it.

It was a week not for the weak and we have not started. Hallelujah! Let me use this time to specially invite you if you’re yet to be part of this Academic and Spiritual train of Diploma Program in Christian Performing Arts with Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama in affiliation with Ajayi Crowther University that you should make sure you join the Stream 5 in April 2023. Before April, you can also join the 2 Weeks Basic Certificate Course in January 2023. Don’t miss it at all.”

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