MISREPRESENTATION: Mike Bamiloye didn’t ask people to stop watching secular movies

By Oluwafemi Dosu
There is a rumour making the rounds published by a supposed reputable media outfit, “splashtvonline.com” that the president of Mount Zion Faith Ministries Int’l, Evang. Mike Bamiloye is calling on people especially Christians to stop watching secular movies.

Secular movies are the movies produced and acted by Nollywood.

Gospel Film News make bold to say that the legendary gospel filmmaker was highly misrepresented by the online media outfit.

In the news, Mike Bamiloye was quoted to have counsel people via his Instagram page to stop watching secular films but what Bamiloye posted was about Actors who have dual representation, those who claim to belong to the gospel side of film making and still want to be seen on screen in secular movies.

Although the veteran may have his reservations and opinion on the topic of discourse but that doesn’t mean he will condemn secular movies to a fault. Mike Bamiloye has respect for people and doesn’t judge or condemn people’s work, those who know him can testify to that.

We therefore call on bloggers and media houses at large not to join such misrepresentation and apply the ethics of journalism news published.

Below is the screenshot of what he posted:

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