Mike Bamiloye shares view on New World Order


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The legendary gospel filmmaker and president of Mount Zion Faith Ministries Int’l, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has aired his views on the controversial New World Order, linking deaths in China to the radiation from 5G network and Antichrist.

Bamiloye made his opinion known recently on his verified Instagram page, Gospel Film News can confirm.

Some believed that the conspiracy theory that the 5G new phone technology is linked to the Coronavirus pandemic and has already started its installment.

While some are of the opinion that the 5G plans are not far from the antichrist agenda to control the population with micro ships and other forms of ID verification using COVID-19 as the best time to implement it.

Bamiloye has also made it known that the mark of the beast can’t happen before the rapture takes place.”

Any mark of 666, you see anywhere now, is a fake 666,! the Anti-Christ can never show up now until after the church has gone,” he stated.

He continued: “The Anti-Christ is never permitted to manifest until the rapture has come and gone.

“Any Demonstration of the Operations of the One World Government you see now is just a mere rehearsal and singing practice!

“They can do whatever REHEARSAL they like, They can Scream and Shout the way they like. They Can mount the Biggest Satellite and distrust the Systems the way they Like, they can shut the church and open the church if they like! The devil may distrust the World Economy the way he likes, Let somebody tell whoever the world president is to go and sit down and relax his body!

“It’s Not Yet Time for him to Mount The Throne. The Church is Still Around! Thatan of sin, wherevever he is now, so impatient and restless to take control, can never everanifest until the church of Christ has gone in a blaze of glory.”

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