Mike Bamiloye would have become one of the most useless men if he had opened a church- Revivalist Oriaku


By Oluwafemi Dosu

A minister of God identified as Revivalist Iyke Oriaku has echoed that popular Drama Minister, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye would have become on of the most useless men today if he had opened a church.

This he made known yesterday in a long post on Social Media.

Oriaku noted that Mike Bamiloye who received a special mandate (Drama Ministry) would have amount to nothing if he had lost the mandate he received from God which is Drama Ministry and start pursuing another mandate.

“Do you know that this man would have become one of the most useless men in the Kingdom today if he had opened a church instead of a drama ministry? Do you know that 15 percent of people that repented in the 1990s and early 2000s were the ones that watched Mount Zion Movies? Do you know that those movies like PERILOUS TIME etc brought revivals to churches and homes and also stirred up the fear of the Lord in the hearts of many? Do you know that his drama ministry has benefited God more than some big churches that has branches all over the world,” he stated.

The revivalist further noted that today, many people who are supposed to be in full time drama ministry have opened churches and are somewhere now shouting Fire, saying in the lens of eternity, all those handbills, posters etc they are doing there are waste of kingdom energy and resources.

He continued: “Do you know that because you can preach and heal the sick and God using you to stir revival in hearts does not mean you must open a church? Do you know that if you donate your passion and gifting to God, He can use it as a beautiful enterprise that will win souls in this end time harvest and global revival? Do you know that Iyke Oriaku is not a pastor? Do you know that the pulpit is not my place of assignment? How does it sound when you hear that according to my template in heaven, soon, we will drop the microphones and carry scripts? Do you know that soon, we will stop going to revival conferences and starts going to movie locations? Do you know that when I talk with my spiritual father, we don’t talk crusades or night vigils? Do you know that all we talk about is how to package this revival Fire into movies and send it to Nollywood, Hollywood, Ghaniwood, Bollywood and any other wood anywhere on the world?

“Do you know that by then, many will start daunting my ministry? But do you know that that is why I am making this post, so that, anyone following me now will know that I am not another version of one revivalist he knows somewhere? Do you know that there are people God gave microphone as a weapon, and there are people He gave movie scripts as a weapon? Do you know that many people have abandoned the weapons God gave them and have been struggling to use the weapons God gave Apostle Joshua Selman? Do you know that in our generation, when the Adeboyes would have finished and go to be with the Lord, many would have gone out of circulation. They would be preaching the truth, with power following, but, it will be evident to them and to everyone else that it is not going to be working…
Because, they lost their weapons and started using popular ‘weapons’. Do you know that that is why today, the harvest is still plenty but the labourers are few? Because people are passionately doing things for God in their own ways. Can I beg you, friend, to go inside and ask God to tell you the particular weapon He gave you to reach your generation?”

Oriaku affirmed that Mike Bamiloye has tried for the kingdom all these years and there is a need for another generation of drama ministers to emerge, but where are those young boys that were into drama ministry many years ago in their churches, adding that many of them have become General Overseers, climbing pulpit that God did not send them to, when God is waiting for them before cameras and in movie locations.

“But do you know that there is an army that is rising today that is not coming to open more churches? But they are coming to close some churches and it would not matter what anyone will have to say? Do you know that the pulpit in our time will lose a lot of attractions and many guys who are carrying microphones today will drop it and run away? Do you know that the knowledge of the Lord is about to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea? Do you know that by then, a road side mechanic and a local shoe maker would have started healing the sick? Do you that that time, you would not need to enter any hall called church to be prophesied to again?  If you have appendix, your neighbor that is a civil servant will just hold your stomach and speak a word and that appendix will disappear forever Young doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, bankers etc would be going to the streets and in the mission’s fields once in a week, manifesting the raw power of God. Proving to the heathen that Jesus Christ is no more in the grave.
Can you tell me why, by then, people will still be paying for a miracles again” Oriaku said.

He further stated that: “Why will you go to a prayer house and pay for what God is using a small undergraduate boy to do in your community? Can I reassure you that this our generation will not be lost?
But, can you look for yourself in God’s end-time plans? If all the conferences you have been attending is to catch the fire to use to come and rent hall and start church, there is nothing wrong if you heard from God.
But let it not be hunger to preach Rhema and passion to manifest power that is leading you to rent hall. You can still be a member of another church and still be carrying genuine fire across the lands? You can still be a technician and still be raising the dead everyday. I have made a vow, that I will donate my anger for God to use it to make pulpit business unpopular in my days. What happened to those books you were writing when you weren’t born again? Now that you are born again, go back to writing ministry, God might be waiting to use your write ups to stir revivals in the hearts of men and women. What happened to that business ideas you had when you repented newly? Go back to that idea.

“Thank God for what He is doing with our brothers who are into church ministry? But we all will not stand on pulpit with microphones. I pray that you will not be present where God is not going to be present, because your greatness in life is tied to where God ordained you to be. Many will be surprised to see the kind of revival that is about to hit our generation. People will sit inside their houses seeing movies and the power of God will pass through the screen and arrest everyone in that house. Diverse healing and massive works of reconciliation would be going on, as people will be kneeling down on their own accord, begging God for mercy. People will leave their churches and come to see movies in cinemas and that cinema halls will turn to crusade grounds. Families will be reunited, disowned children will be coming back to their senses and from cinemas halls, great evangelists would be hatched for the kingdom. And when you probe the movies you will discover that it was guys from Zion that produced it.

“When you probe further, you will know that before and after the productions, men were praying 6 hours everyday before the movies hit the markets. I don’t know what you are seeing, sir. I am talking to those that wants to be relevant in what God is doing in our time. Once again, go inside and ask God for a specific weapon He wants you to use to spread His word to members of your generation. There is no unpopular assignment. It is only that God is not popular in many people’s assignments. They are the ones that is popular and that us why God has made up His mind to hide them. No wonder many are struggling to be known, yet, with all their billboards in town, nobody still knows that they are around. If you make God popular in what you are doing, He will make you popular in what He is doing. Whatever it might be, sir, mix it with chronic prayer and fasting life. And you will see how God will use you to stir this generation back to the Cross.

“People will leave their churches and be coming to your office for prayer. Some will abandon their prophets and pastors and be submitting to you that is into business. Lord, please, may it please You to do to my generation the work you did in the life of Your son, Mike Bamiloye? May we not waste any further time in the popular ministry that will not make You popular! Help our wandering spirits and give us directions, according to your eternal plans for our lives, even before the world began. We love You, Lord..
Please, bypass our lusts for vanity and in your wisdom, call us back to track. Our children will not grow up to wonder why everybody that could interpret the Bible opened churches. While we abandoned the business fields, sports, entertainment and politics for those that are serving cobras and pythons. In Your mercy, please, Jesus, interrupt us and may we enjoy order. In Jesus Name. Let us pray!,” he concluded.

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