Mike Bamiloye warns against having multiple intimate partners


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Mike Bamiloye, evangelist and president of Mount Zion Ministry and Mount Zion Television has warned against having multiple intimate partners.

In a post shared on his social media page, the popular clergy claimed that such practice often leads to women and men having generational curses.

Bamiloye further stated that many people are living battered lives currently because they have exchanged their body with too many people, adding that many individuals are struggling through life because they have shared their bed and gotten intimate with too many people.

The famous clergyman shared his thoughts in a lengthy Instagram post, where he stated that most young people are living battered lives presently because they have inherited generational curses from people they have slept with.

Bamiloye who titled the sermon “A Dangerous Mixing of Water” advised that women and men should ordinarily share their body with only one person but when they go around sharing it with different kinds of people, they inherit all manner of curses and end living miserable lives.

 Source: Legit Newspaper

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