By Oluwafemi Dosu, Dare Fayemi

In the atmosphere of celebration and jubilation, the legendary Drama Evangelist and Filmmaker, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has disclosed what gives him joy at his new age.

He disclosed this yesterday in an interview session on a TV Continental program, ‘Your View’.

Bamiloye revealed that what gives him joy at age 60 is that alot of people have entered into the type of ministry (Drama Ministry) that he’s into and he has children in ministry (both biological and ministerial) growing to know this work, adding that his drama school, Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama has trained more than 5000 students who are doing well in ministry, Gospel Film News gathered.

Responding to whether there is an upsurge in Christian films, Bamiloye stated that “since the Christian movie started in the country, there has been an increment actually, though we are not where we are supposed to be but there has been an improvement compared to when we started. When we started we were not on television, we were not into many homes but today you could see that we have a lot of Christian movies on main television channels, go on YouTUbe and you will see Christian movies in alot of platforms on YouTube.”

Gospel Film News gathered that according to him, people are getting more interested in Christian movies, its a development. He cited an example of Abejoye movie which an excerpt from it was shown during program that premiere of the season 3 started on December 8, between that time and March 15, it was premiered in 593 places in 15 countries, same goes to Abejoye season 2 which was premiered in about 350 places. “There is improvement, people are getting more aware of Christian movies,” he affirmed.

Speaking on why gospel movies scared people in those days especially he stressed that all gospel movies is not about horror, there are several other movies that are very interesting, taking for example ‘My Mother In-Law’ movie showing presently on YouTube is about home and marriage, but at that time of Ayamatanga that was what was needed, Gospel Film News learnt.

While responding to disparity between secular movies and gospel movies Bamiloye never see gospel movies struggling to meet up with secular movies just that there are different approach to both.

“The secular movie world make music and movies to entertain their fans while the Christian production though must be entertaining but it must be inspiring, spiritual, it must bring souls to the kingdom of God. So, we may not need to follow the approach of the secular world because its a ministry, it is not industry persa, not fethching for money, not looking for fans but looking for souls and therefore the approach is spiritual, we look up to God, we seek God’s face,” he added.

Answering questions on the trending issue of COVID-19 linking to 5G and rapture Bamiloye said it is not rapture yet, what is happening is just for us to pray more and a good Christian will obey the government.

“To curtail COVID-19 it is very advisable for us to do the simple things that government ask us to do. I will advise my people to stay at home too,” he said.

This Lockdown by government in his view is making people more conscious of God now, people on social media are holding house fellowship and people will love God more.

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