Mike Bamiloye charges waiting parents to totally trust God for their miracle babies not devil


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Doyen of Christian Drama, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has charged waiting mothers and fathers to solemly put their trust in God for miracle babies and not patronize the devil, Gospel Film News gathered.


Bamiloye in a post on Social Media tagged “Must You do This to Have That?” revealed that he has seen men of God and children of God, who have married secretly somewhere else to have children they can call their own, also lamenting that he has seen the devil pushing many ministers away from their calling and ministries because they are desperately in searching of children. 


Bamiloye further stressed that he has seen Men of God, Drama and Music Ministers and children of God who are on their way to eternal hell fire because they departed from the Lord to look for children from another God.



He also disclosed that he has heard of people coming to give testimonies of the faithfulness of God for giving them babies which they had received from the devil, and also seen children of God eating on the dinning table of the Devil and entering into eternal covenant with Satan just to have a baby of their own.


“Your Soul is more Important than Children. May the Lord God of heaven give strength and power to wait for God’s own Isaac and heaven’s Deborah to all the waiting mothers. The promise shall come speedily if you faint not. May the promise come calling fast! May the womb receive life earnestly. May the day of your Joy come speedily. May you not lose your glorious heaven for whatever reason,” he concluded.

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