MIKE BAMILOYE: A Prophet, Apostle or Evangelist?


By Francis Okolie


He may not be the first evangelical drama crusader. He probably may not have initiated, prophesied or established evangelical drama ministry. As Jesus Christ of Nazareth didn’t too as per the gospel. Even when his forerunner ; John the baptist came. People at first took him for the Messiah.

Mike Bamiloye’s approach was rather weird. Quited work, deserted family and friends and headed to the land of promise, ignoring the fear of the unknown. At sixty, he has made evangelical drama an indispensable weapon for soul winning. Then why are we not singing his praises the way it would have been sung if he were to be a secular icon?. Don’t we have believers who have been blessed physically and spiritually in the same print and electronic media that celebrate this same self acclaimed celebrities.

Francis Okolie


A bishop once testified that he got converted or something like that through Bamiloye’s movie. I also heard of how he took his first ministry bus to a ministration and sowed it at the programme trekking back home with his members. What of the thousands of books and movies he distributed freely at every Power night?

If a whole south west could be forced to sit at home to watch ‘Isawuru and Ayamatanga’. If pastor could be crying and repenting on the alter because of Bamiloye’s drama. Even a prominent G.O once said that it was Bamiloye’s movie that helped in removing the remaining demons inside of him when was newly converted.

Bamiloye never wanted to stand alone: So he made provision for funds to some prominent drama ministers in the south to produce movies. I don’t think he ever requested for a refund.

Today he has a television station that supplies food to the believing soul and also meeting the immediate needs of his staffs and ministry members. What more can be said of this man called Mike Abayomi Bamiloye.
An Apostle? A Prophet? An Evangelist? The choice is yours.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR. (A Francis A. Okolie’s point of view)

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