Meet Mount Zion Member Who Has Written, Published Over 50 Books, Featured in Over 60 Films

By Oluwafemi Dosu

EBENEZER BAYO ABRAHAM was born on 8th July 1957 to the family of Pa Abraham Adelerin Orangun (Odo Ijesa) and Mrs Esther Otunla Abraham (Omo Ijesa). The mothers of both his father and mother are from Erin Ijesa.

This member of Mount Zion Faith Ministries was born in Erin Ijesa shortly after, his parents moved to Ile Oluji. His parents engaged in farming from 1958-1966 in villages where there were no primary schools which resulted in him not starting school early. In 1967 they relocated to a village, about four kilometers to Eyingun that had school. There Ebenezer started from primary one.

However, he had finished studying a book called ABD before starting school at all. He attended L A Primary school from primary one to four.

By December 1970, his family left Ile Oluji axis and came back home to Odo Ijesa. There he attended primary five and six at St. Paul’s Primary school, Odo Ijesa between 1971 and 1972.

Though his positions were between first to third during his primary school days, his parents could not afford to send him to secondary School. A younger sister to his father saw his results and promised to foot his bill in secondary School. Unfortunately, she died within a week after Ebenezer finished primary six.

That made his father took the decision to hand him over to the son of one of his extended relatives (uncle). He followed him to Sobe, now in Edo State of Nigeria in January 1971. His uncle had a very big medicine shop and Ebenezer was trained under him.

He tested Ebenezer’s integrity and truthfulness, even though he was not aware. He then, began to process license for him. Before the license could be obtained, he died in an accident.

That made him to come back home after his sojourn there till 1975 December.

His elder brother took it upon himself to sponsor him to secondary School with his menial job, since both of them are the only survivors of his Dad.

Ebenezer started secondary School the very time his mates in primary school gained admission into the university.

When he was in class three, his brother also died. He then had to manage himself with the little his father could afford and manual labours he engaged in to support himself through the remaining periods of his secondary School days.

Though, Ebenezer was baptized by immersion in 1976, the frustration of his brother’s death plunge him into frustration which made him go wild into the world. He took, drank and smoked everything available during the period.

When he began to teach in a secondary School in 1982, he met his wife. Even though, he was not born again and she too was not born again, the first day he sighted her, something told him she was going to be his wife, Gospel Film News learnt.

In December 31st, 1982, the Lord took away cigarettes from him. Then, on 22nd April, 1983, he was in his room that faithful afternoon; Someone asked the question that changed his life till date. It was so audible. The voice said ” Where is the boat of your life heading?”

The Holy Spirit broke it down for his understanding. There and then, he knelt down and gave his life to Jesus.

On June 5th, he joined a new Church because he wanted the spiritual growth his former church didn’t give. The first person he met in the church was their drama group leader. He introduced him to the drama group.

In 1987, Mount Zion Faith Ministries invited drama ministers from campus fellowships, churches and independent groups. It was a call to shoot a joint movie called ‘Agbara To Ju Agbara.’ He happened to be one of the delegates from his church.

During the course of the shoot that lasted several weekends, his church disbanded the church drama group. The fire of drama evangelism was burning in his bone, he couldn’t let go of the vision. That was how he joined The Mount Zion Faith Ministries fully. Though, it was still on part-time.

When the ministry was going on full-time in 1989, he had to resign from his work at the College of Education, Ilesa to join the train, Gospel Film News gathered.

The number of films Ebenezer Bayo Abraham had featured in are more than sixty to God’s glory. The films written and produced by him includes:

Accursed children, Out of the Hook, Original Plan, Open Altar, Life Exchange, Best Choice.

With God on his side, he had written over fifty Christian books. His first book “Ife Aisetan” was published in 1989.

Because of financial constraints, he had A level certificate. In further pursuant of education, he put in for Nigeria Institute of Management. Before part one exam began, he had a call into full-time.

In the course of furthering his knowledge in Drama evangelism, he bagged certificate course in 1991/92 training in the Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama and Diploma certificate in 2015.

Ebenezer Bayo Abraham has been the Registrar of the Institute since 1991 till 2020 and appointed in the advisory board of the same institute since 2020.

He, being the only survivor of his father now have children and grand children. His eldest child had produced Seven movies. Others engage in different aspects of the ministry.

Ebooks by Ebenezer Bayo Abraham are:
1. Becoming God’s General
2. Armour Bearer In Ministry
3. God’s Heart Cry
4. Be Of Good Cheer
5. Satanic Strategies Exposed
6. What To Know About God
7. God’s Hall Of Fame
8. Godly Trust
9. Dealing With Closed Doors
10 Bends But Not Broken
11 My Glory Must Speak
12 The Unmovable Generation
13 Deeper Life
14. Anointing: Importance and Renewal
15 Roll Away The Stone
16 Joseph Coats: The Way To Stardom
17 Rightful Location
18. Costly Assumption
19. Possessing Your Possessions
20. Secret of Sowing
21. More of Jesus
22. Holy Pilgrims
23. Glory That Swallow Glory
24. Twenty Four Hours Miracles
25. Go For More
26. Be A Strong Christian
27. How To Start Well
28. Ise Ti Mo Fun O Se
29. Humility
30. The Great Mistake
31. Essential Gates For Christians
32 Moments Of Change
33 Where Is Your Altar
34 The Glorious Return
35.Little Foxes
36. Verification of Identity
37. Operating Ministry Within Ministry
38. Rahab, the championship
39. Except God Intervene
40. Overcoming Trials
41. The Unbeatable Gift
42. Loosing The Seals
43. The Man God Uses
44. Dimensions Of Faith
45. The Foundation
46. The Tale Of Four Cities
47. Nations In Your Womb
48. Blessed Looking
49. Devil Cannot Write My Last Chapter
50. The Way To Success
51. In Christ Alone

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