Meet Ayo Ogundana, the teenager who made cartoon picture of the Bamiloyes


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Her name is Ogundana Ayomide Marvellous, born on march 17, 2001. (Meaning she’s nineteen years old presently). She is an indigene of Ekiti state.

Ayomide was actually born in Ikorodu, Lagos. She enjoy doing two things; writing and drawing. She’s so passionate about these two art fields though presently studying Computer Science at Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

Ayomide Ogundana

She had many criticisms, was discouraged a number of times but could still combine them all and still can. She never allowed herself heed to those discouragements.

Right from Junior School, she’d loved drawing and writing. She took it from her Dad anyways. Ayomide’s Dad is an author and wonderful artist. Before enrolling into Senior Secondary School one (SS1), she already known what she wanted to be: A great writer and artist. She shared it with her parents and sadly she was talked out of it on the basis that art doesn’t bring food on the table ( isn’t lucrative).

Ayo was advised and cajoled to join the science class. She wasn’t a dull girl and still not. She could fit in anything. She struggled, studied hard, strive to be the best in her science department. It wasn’t something she enjoyed doing unlike writing and drawing. She is so passionate about these two fields. 

“I’ve so much wanted to please my parents, therefore I abide with their instructions. But it was only for a while, the passion, cravings, the enthusiasm would arise again and I’d pick up my pencil and pen,” she narrated to Gospel Film News.


This continued till she finished secondary school. She would write, get caught, get scolded, relapse back, pick it up and on and on.

The teenage girl got her first school leaving certificate in year 2016, Diploma in Desktop publishing certificate in year 2017, also got her Diploma in desktop engineering in year 2017 too. Presently, Ayomide tutors on DTP courses at a private computer Academy; CITADEL. She’s a Graphics Designer, solely based on Cartooning, a Fiction Writer (She has written seven books yet to be published ) and more.

All these weren’t achieved without many hurdles.

Someone will say, “when did you achieve all these?” well, she simply replies; “the script of my life, written by God has been playing out from infancy.”

Ayomide Ogundana

She trained herself and explored more in graphics. One day, she saw a student of CCTI designing a human with Coreldraw, and was amazed. She asked, “ how were you able to do that?”.  Somehow, inquisitive Ayomide got the answer, quickly practiced it and her first design was good. “I still have it with me. Since then, I’ve been practicing on other pictures, though, at some times, I’ll drop it.

I picked up my graphic designing again after some time and decided to practice on my models’ pictures (MZI family). They’re so superb. Their movies are great. Words are not enough to describe its uniqueness.

Ayomide had developed deep interest in Mount Zion movies since infancy, because even before she was born, her mother and father have been fans of the Mount Zion Family. So, literally, she was born into watching Mount Zion movies, though missed some parts like “Haunting Shadows” and few others.

Till date, her interest in Mount Zion movies and the Bamiloyes is still intact. She has been a faithful follower: blessed, inspired and touched by many of Mount Zion movies. She loves the Mount Zion family and hope to meet them face to face someday.

Ayomide Ogundana in an exclusive Interview with Gospel Film News revealed that she took it upon herself to cartoon the Bamiloye family pictures. “That’s just the best way within my reach to tell them how much I love them and how much they inspire me. Shout out to them all,” she said.

Do you want to make a cartoon picture with professional touch, kindly reach Ayomide on +2347084464145   or   Ayo Ogundana on Facebook.

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  1. May GOD continue to elevate you in all areas of your life.
    I was touched by your story being a mother and grandmother of 11 grandchildren.
    I was so shocked ? this day and age parent telling their children what to study other than to give all support and encouragement.
    I’m glad you now live your dream and I tell you you are super star.
    Love you daughter of Zion and GOD BLESS you abundantly ✌???????❤️❤️????????

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