Media guru sensitizes gospel film makers on business angle to film making


By Oluwafemi Dosu

A media guru and Chief Executive Officer of JITA studios, Mr. Olanrewaju Olaleye is calling on gospel film makers to see the business angle to film making despite they are doing it purposely for evangelism.

Gospel Film News correspondent reports that Olaleye who was teaching on ‘Business Angle to the Drama and Film Ministry’ noted that gospel film makers should be more organized in their dealings.

The JITA boss who is a media guru made this known while speaking at the state congress of ANCEDRAM Lagos chapter over the weekend.

“The money you need is already with you which is the currency of idea. If you want to learn a basic skill go online and search. Learn how to do things yourself. Develop your professional level and listen to what God is saying. Learn from people, publication and experience,” he said.

Olaleye who was kin on the importance of God’s word appealed to the film makers not to twist the word to fit their lives but rather untwist their lives to fit the word.

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