‘Mary’s Option’ movie is an adaptation of the popular Martha, Mary’s story with Jesus in contemporary way- Producer


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The writer and producer of the movie shoot, ‘Mary’s Option’, Evangelist Oluwaseun Adejumobi has revealed that the movie is an adaptation of the popular Martha and Mary’s story with Jesus, but this time it’s been said in a more contemporary way and it’s a story that everyone must watch out for.

Adejumobi made this known recently in an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News.

He affirmed that it’s a very peculiar story, saying it was coined from Martha’s experience with Jesus and the movie has a special focus on prioritizing important things.

“There is a focus that we are trying to point to our audience and that is the needful thing in life. The kind of choice we make, what is more paramount to us as Christian, even unbelievers; what is that thing that is the essence of life. Some of these messages will be seen in the movie.” he said.

The producer convincingly told Gospel Film News that the story is unique and the audience should expect a wonderful production, professional work, expect to be blessed because there are lots of revelations in the story, adding that there are simple biblical things that we just read in the bible and we don’t really understand depth of the message but this will be more pointed out in visual form and we can relate very well with it.

While reacting to when the movie will be released, he noted that: “i can’t say for now, you know we are just going through the production stage, we still have the post-production and it’s a process, so i can’t give specific time but i know that by God’s grace between April-May it should be out.”

He further disclosed that ‘Mary’s Option’ is going to premiered first, after which it’s going to be on DVD.

“The movie will be released to distributors, marketers that are reliable. Thank God we have Gospel Film News to cover it, so we will have relevant information in different news platform.

“This movie, Mary’s Option; so far so good we are working with professionals onset. I must commend the effort of my director, John Oguntuase from the conception of the story he’s been involved; from scripting till now he’s doing a wonderful job. We are giving it our best to make sure that the script is actually interpreted as it is written, we are not trying to wash it down, we are not trying to manage and we have fantastic DOP, Kunle Adepoju. The guy is brilliant, he is doing a wonderful job,” Adejumobi reiterated.

He further stated that: “I just want to commend the effort of the entire crew; the make up, costumier, set man, and so on. When we see the movie, we know what we are talking about. Alot of effort have been put into it,”

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