Marital Vows Renewed as Couples Gather at Beyond The Honeymoon Retreat 2023


By Dorcas Oluwafemi-Dosu

It was a Life Changing Programme where homes were restored and Wine was Freshened by God as couples gathered at Beyond The Honeymoon Retreat organized by Evangelist Kolade and Sunmbo Segun-Okeowo.


Gospel Film News gathered that this is the 5th edition of the couples programme. It started Friday 24th to 25th November 2023 and themed ‘Yourhome, Your heaven.’


In his message, the guest speaker, Reverend Mike Babatunde disclosed that the constitution of the kingdom which is the Bible must be guiding operations in all Homes and the king of the kingdom who is God must be the head of the Home.


The Couples from different walks of life were also refreshed as the Convener, Evang. Kolade Segun-Okeowo ministered. He told couples to emulate the good side of Jezebel by Supporting her Husband, Ahab relentless.


In the message titled, What Jezebel Did well , he listed what husbands want from their wives and what wives desire from their husbands.

Other interesting moment is Couples Prayer Walk where couples were left alone to commune with God, Film Show titled My Money Your money that teaches couples Couples on finance in marriage, Love Show anchored by Sunmbo Segun-Okeowo which entertains couples, Personal Interactive Session between couples.

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