Many prayers are not answered because they are not directed to God- Gloria Bamiloye


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The veteran film producer and writer, Evang. Gloria Bamiloye has stated that the reason many prayers are not answered today is because many of the prayers are not directed to God but man.

Bamiloye made the statement today in her daily devotional entitled “Daily tonic.”

Gospel Film News gathered that Bamiloye used the bible passage, Psalm 5:3, 11-12 as reference, saying that is the prayer of David and it is the grace God has given His children which is to look up to the Lord in prayers concerning any situation God’s children find themselves because they have a father who is always able to silence every storms of life.

She affirmed that: “Our God is able. David said he would direct his prayers to God and he would look up. That means he will look to him for answers to his prayers. Many prayers are not answered because number one, most of the prayers are not directed to God but man. And so it is difficult to look up to God for the answers. Many have already concluded what they would do in their hearts while praying. So, all they do is to bring their plans to God for him to bless it without waiting to receive God’s plan.”

According to her, David prayed and he waited in God’s presence for the answer. He looked up to God not to man, which is another point to consider, that is, looking up to God.

“If your prayer is directed to God, it will be easy to look up to that God, but if it is to man you direct your prayers, there is no need of looking up because you have not actually prayed to God. Your heart determines who you direct your prayers,” she added.

According to report by Gospel Film News correspondent, the filmmaker buttressed her points by saying Trust is key as you come into God’s presence, adding that this is because looking up has to do with patience, and waiting before God but just like the father to his son, everyone must be focused and hold on because the child knows that his father will not fail.

“God will always defend those that trust Him and those who believe His word and promises. In conclusion, let us always direct our prayers to God from our hearts. Let us learn to look up to him by waiting patiently and let us trust Him, knowing full well that He will not fail,” she said.

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