Man under serious attack for saying “Mount Zion films did more harm than good to body of Christ”

By Oluwafemi Dosu

A man named Apostle Daniel Ndukwe has been widely criticised for saying “Mount Zion film industry did more harm than good to the body of Christ. Drama was never used for preaching or for Discipleship in the Bible.”

Ndukwe according to his Facebook profile is a pastor at Organic Gospel Christian Ministry, attended Living Stone International Christian Academy, and Biblical Studies at West African Advanced School of Theology.

Ndukwe made his post on Facebook yesterday and he has received lots of attack and a support for making such statement. Below is people’s reactions:

Oluwaseun Ayooluwa;
Sir, you need more time in SABO before you become SABOTAGED.

All these uncooked and unbroken Christians that come out before their time. You still need more time to be taught and modified.

Stay in SABO, I repeat stay In SABO. E get why o

Ngboawaji Williams;
In a day when weaker men are preaching a watered down gospel with little fire in it… Sir please keep your understanding to yourself and stop misleading people. Mount Zion Film Industry has saved so many souls that you can ever imagine. Your critics no go anywhere jare?

Ofegor Jonah;
Have you watched #power encounter?


blood on the altar

just a little sin

one careless night

the great mistake

the wounded heart.

Watch them and see if you don’t encounter God…

I have never read in my Bible where Jesus openly criticized people for preaching the gospel.

Have you read in your Bible sir, Matthew 25:14-30 precisely where Jesus gave the parable of talents?

The unprofitable servant who failed to use his talent was thrown into outer darkness.. Those talents could represent different things in the kingdom.
Even the apostle Paul wrote “to some he gave teachers, to some he gave preachers, to some he gave apostles, to some he gave prophets” and on and on… Different talents for different relevant ministries in the body of Christ.

I doubt if God be happy with you for doing what you’re doing…

Take a deep breath and reflect on yourself sir.

Oloruntoba Deborah;
Daniel Daniel, devil as decide to sift you, but I pray for you in the name of Jesus, your faith will not fail.

Adun Bethel Adedoyin;
Daddy sir?

Find another way .. you can’t blow like this…

ReJoyce E Peter;
This fellow
You need to be sentence to life in prisonment to the school of spirit.
God must wash you brain your spirit and mind
Infact u need deliverance from receiving rhema upside down

Dami Michael;
I think this man needs help abeg!!!

It’s people like this that Pastor Lawrence Oyor usually look for….

Akachi Collabo are you seeing what I am seeing???

Obianke Othniel Chuks;
People just begin to spit out rubbish in their search for popularity…

Please Sir with due respect…how do you describe a movie that reminds a believer of the great commission, awakens his prayer life and makes the sinner aware of eternal judgement and makes him turns from sin. Be careful not to be a tool in the hand of the devil.

Instead of speaking against something you do not understand…why not focus on your own addition to the kingdom of God.

Petrus Adewale Adenekan;
Congratulations to you , I believed you have just graduated from a bible school, Pls you need to take a step further by applying for a theological Seminary! Infact You are carnally minded !
Was Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and even your android phone used for preaching or discipleship in the bible . You need sense .
You need the Holy Spirit !
Brother Receive sense and wisdom in Jesus name .

Favour Amarachukwu;
If the devil couldn’t stop MOUNT ZION at the beginning, do you think this will.
For your information, Mount Zion movies helped and is still helping me a lot.

Blessing A. Olami;
All this guys wey wan get fame for Facebook sef yaff tire someone.

If you don’t have anything reasonable and sensible to type can you just keep quiet,before you start spilling out rubbish from that mouth of yours.

Seriously all this Facebook preacher are becoming more unbearable trying to manipulate issue up and down to suit themselves

I don’t used to comment on something like this but you guys will not just stop,

The scriptures says get wisdom get insight and in your mind now you have preached the gospel

What an ignorance!
If drama was never used by the Apostle to preach the gospel and also social media was never used by them

Why then do you preach via social media excuse me sir you doesn’t belong here,

You should be in the cave of adullam
Any controversial issue is welcome.

Blesson Wealth Daniel;
Is this how u want to gain ur own popularity? Fighting fathers that HV saved souls through ur mind now u want daddy Mike Bamiloye to reply u abi..

Daniel Wise Ndukwo;
Certain things are not necessary

Was facebook or any social media handles used for preaching or discipleship in the Bible?

Why do we have to argue over unnecessary things

Aderinto Emmanuel Kolawole;
This is an attack from the devil Sadlly this is the norm today . wNowadays you find christians immersed into the attacking of christian doctrine prqctices and ideaology pertaining to the Church .Certainly the devil is using this to divide the church However Jesus saud i will be my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. We should unite as a Church and fight the devil instead of attacking the church
Where is this coming from ? God or rhe Devil ?who are you really serving? i am shocked That a man who claims to be a pastor would come up with this assertion infact you are the First one who has the viewpoint.
Come to think of it God has used this ministry to lead many souls to salvation and deliverance
Many lives have been been delivered and and led to Jesus christ
This is an attack from the Devil
ans should not be encouraged
Sadly instead of

Usman Edet;
Daniel Ndukwe, Obviously, you have a long way to go. Being a pastor doesn’t mean you are very okay.

Pst Jay Kay;
Fishing skills varies as much as the meat in a particular hook can catch a particular fish…

I belong to a Christian home but had no need to attend crusades even in my bad attitudes. But on that faithful day at All Saints Secondary school Aba, i was attracted to a crusade because they shot a film titled “the pilgrims progress”, i watched how burdensome sin can be to human race and how the presence of Christ can lift someone out of that burden, then i surrendered….

The film show was needful to bring me close. Sir, in the old Testament, no one wanted to hear from Prophet Jeremiah but in order to reach them, he was often dressed like a madman just to reach those God was talking to… Till one take a different step in reaching the unreached, there are people one may not ever reach with the Gospel.

Ayodeji Amole;
But which side of the bed did you wake up from to utter something like this very early in the morning. Aba…..
Face your ministry pls.
Do you know the number of lives that have been changed and transformed as a result of this mount Zion movies?
Do you know the number of homes that have been restored just by watching these movies?
Do you know the number of people this mount Zion people put food on their tables?
Do you know the number of ministries that have been birthed as a result of this ministry?
Do you know the sacrifices and pain Pastor Mike went through to birth this institute?
Its easy to criticise when you can’t do half of what you are criticizing about.
The gospel is not only meant for pulpit.
If you must trend, trend with caution.

Aniemeka Nathaniel;
U are doing more harm to the body of Christ than good…?
Secondly ur wristwatch and ur hair style is not bibilical then y are u using then…
Baba go back and study ur scripture in spirit

Princess Francess Chukwuma;
By just reading the Bible most of us wouldn’t have known the kind of suffering Jesus went through during his crucifixion…but each time the drama is displayed on screen we share in his pain…
Most people learn more when it’s played or acted than when it’s read to them
If Mount Zion industry has done more harm than good to the body of Christ, while it was about to start God should have stopped it just like he did to the builders of the tower of Babel. Mount Zion films have saved lots of souls and brought them to Christ. And it is still saving souls
U have the right to believe whatever you want to. But always come out with reasonable facts before posting


Sonde Victor Daniel;
Sir, check your hairstyle…
Is that the pattern of Christ?
You don’t know how is doing you sir..
Check your calling again, it seemingly look something is mixing up in your spiritual realm you have attain

Chika Promise;
Sometimes it amazes me what kind of christianity we practice as Christian.

You never condemn movies that promote sexual immortality, you never condemn movies that promote crime and theft, you never condemn movies that promote injustice. But here’s one Godly movie industry that’s promotes Godly morals in the society and you deem it fine as a Christian to criticize, blackmail, and condemn it, Haba…! Why are Christians like this.

Mr, why not criticize and condemn Bbnaija that promotes immortality, why not condemn all those top celebrities TVs show that promote sexual immorality…. Why do you delight in attacking a Christian organisation whereas there are so many ungodly organisations.

Talking about drama in the bible, permit me to question your christianity sir, Have you not read in the bible when Jesus used parables and stories to teach his disciples and the crowd, what would you call that.

Gandee Ughwoton;

Ezekiel was among the first to use the medium of drama to get God’s message across (Ezekiel 4,5). Once he had the people’s attention, he zapped them with a powerful word from the Lord. Thus the first drama ministry was born.
Nothing can take the place of the preached Word of God. The Spirit is always eager to anoint solid, biblical preaching. Few things can move hearts like the Word of God in music. The psalmists devoted an entire book of the Bible to it. Certainly God gives priority to His written Word. Everything must be measured by the Book of books.

At the same time, perhaps nothing arrests people’s attention, saved or lost, as effectively as drama. Christian drama is not an end in itself but, rather, a valuable tool which has been used throughout church history to tell the greatest story ever told.
The impact Christian drama makes on a church is basically two-fold: Drama touches those both inside and outside the church.

The simple message of a powerful drama anointed by the Holy Spirit can touch lives with the gospel. Usually an outsider will be much more willing to visit a church to view a dramatic presentation than simply to hear a sermon and may even justify attendance in order to see a friend or relative perform. This has become one of our most fruitful forms of evangelism. Every dramatic presentation should include an invitation to the unsaved to respond to Jesus Christ.

Drama also benefits church outreach by becoming a unique ministry outreach to the community. Every year churches give cantatas, choir concerts, seminars, and seasonal presentations.

Each one advertises to the community–each expects Christians to flock to hear more of the same. A church committed to drama in more than a seasonal context, however, becomes known in the community as a progressive, evangelistic congregation with something new and exciting to offer. Not only is a wealth of talent attracted to the church, but young people will especially love to attend. An active drama ministry in a Pentecostal church underlines our reputation as alive, exciting, and serious about reaching people.

Drama also makes an impact by providing another opportunity for laypeople to become involved in ministry.m Certainly those with musical talents or with great gifts to teach have no problem finding a place to function in the church. By adding an active drama ministry to the list of ministry opportunities, a church can find a place of service for those with varied talents and skills, such as building props and sets, operating spotlights, designing and making costumes, creating special effects, and applying stage makeup. Even those who claim stage fright can find a place of importance in the production of Christian drama to reach the community. We have found that young people particularly enjoy becoming involved in this medium of ministry. Willing servants with hidden abilities sit in our pews every Sunday just waiting to be discovered.

As the final harvest approaches, we are compelled to use whatever means are available to tell the world about Jesus. Christian drama is one of those ways.

Why drama? Because drama is not just entertainment–drama is evangelism.


Michael Chukwu (Alleged Secretary General of Apostle Daniel church);
I am in suport of this. This film industry have made me to Share tears but does not add any thing to my spiri. Sir please tell them some more right done sir don’t keep silent ok



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