Let It Be God Leading You To Relocate Abroad, Not Situation, Yemi Adepoju Warns Nigerians


By Faith Babarinde

The set man of the Victory Drama Group and gospel filmmaker, Evangelist Yemi Adepoju tells the public that it should be God’s leading before relocating to abroad. He gave this warning Wednesday on his verified Facebook account.

Gospel Film News gathered that the Evangelist make a huge reference to Elimelech in the scriptures.

Elimelech is the husband of Naomi who had two sons Mahlon and Chilion, And they came into the country of Moab without God leading them.

In a nutshell Elimelech died, and both his sons died as well.

Let it be God leading you to relocate abroad and not the situation. Remember Elimelech

Story reference, the book of Ruth 1 :6

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