Lagos ANCEDRAM chair cooks openly as Ikorodu ANCEDRAM holds vision carrier night


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The Lagos state chairman of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, Evangelist Isaac Afolahan was put to cooking test yesterday at the vision carrier’s programme of Ikorodu unit of the association.
Afolahan who was invited alongside his wife, Ireti was asked to prepare ogbono soup with Eba in the presence of the audience while his wife was asked to take a sit in the audience and watch the wonders to be performed by the husband.
Isaac and Ireti  Afolahan were the special guest invited for the programme.
The vision carries programme which is a special programme for sisters in drama ministry was held in Ikorodu, Lagos at the meeting venue of all Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM.
Aside from the state chairman cooking, different games also ensued as three couples were called forward to do the games. Pantomime drama ministrations were also staged at the programme.
In her admonition, wife of the chairman, Evangelist Ireti Afolahan stated that God himself instituted marriage and called everyone into ministry, adding that the first ministry God gave to man is the home.
Ireti who spoke extensively on home said “the first ministry to settle is your home. Your home is your spouse and children. Loving your spouse goes beyond romance or saying I love you. Settling means to satisfy provide for needs of family.”
She reiterated that one of the best way to build a Christian home is to always have a family altar, adding that ministers should settle their home before embarking on ministry work and should always carry their family along while planning. 

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