KSO charges Drama Ministers to develop entrepreneurial mentality


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Veteran Filmmaker and Christoline Ministries president, Evang. Kolade Segun-Okeowo has charged Drama Ministers to develop entrepreneurial mentality.
Segun-Okeowo made this call on Friday at the 16th State Congress of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM Lagos chapter.

The veteran who was speaking on Developing An Entrepreneurial Mentality revealed that the first thing to do is to get your company registered for easy opportunities.

He therefore advised that Drama Ministers should stop envying peoples achievement and focus on their own vision.

“Stay focused and never be distracted, the bible advice us to write out our vision and plan towards achieving it,” he stated.

KSO noted that we spend time praying prayers that doesn’t change things or worth it than to concentrate our prayers on something realistic

He numerates the Fallacy about money as “Money is not the root to all evil but the love of money,” “The poorer you are the holier you become. That’s untrue,”
“Prosperity comes with plenty of prayers.
Prayer is good but don’t just pray but take steps.”The veteran advised them to be a problem solver
because Ideas rule the world. He also added that creative ideas are the common place of a wealthy people
, charging Drama Ministers to Invest in their ministry, concluding that Poor people spend money but rich people send money.

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