KSO backs Bamiloye, ANCEDRAM on gospel filmmakers partnering secular artistes, others, says it’s good to abide with leadership decision


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The Ace gospel filmmaker and former National President of ANCEDRAM, Evang. Kolade Segun-okeowo has backed Evang. Mike Bamiloye and the leadership of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM on the burning issues ravaging the drama ministry.

This is coming barely 24 hours after Gospel Film News published a statement issued by Bamiloye making the stand of the association (ANCEDRAM) known.

The issues include gospel filmmakers partnering secular artistes for film productions, showing gospel movies in cinema, involving secular artistes who are born again in gospel movies.

KSO today released a statement making his intentions known. Below is his statement:


I wish to respond to a seemingly lingering discussion/controversy concerning the recent release by the leadership of *ANCEDRAM* concerning the role of secular artistes and the relationship of members of the association to them.

The furore and the attendant backlash that welcomed the decision of the leaders of the association is uncalled for and not needed at all.

Some have called me privately to seek my opinion and I have been quick to respond that as an Elder and a first generation leader of the body, I align completely with the decision of the leadership on the issue at hand.

A testimony by my brother, Kolawole Okeowo on a film he directed which I reposted was misconstrued by some as a rejection of leadership position.

*This is far from the truth.*

Every association, denomination or organization are governed by rules, regulations and ethics.
It is almost unlikely that every member of such association believes or agrees with such, rules, regulations and ethos.

However, for the sake of sanity, good governance and avoidance of conflict and confusion, it is important that every member abides with leadership decision.

It is not a question of *agreeing but abiding.*

For example, my denomination says wearing of suits is a condition to ministering on the altar. Personally, I have hated the wearing of suits with a passion since my teenage years.

On my Convocation day at The Ogun State University, I defied every odds and chose to wear an agbada under the academic gown in place of a suit.

I would have worn an agbada at my wedding but for my fiancée who cried her eyes out wondering what “demon” had come upon me. I wore a suit not because I wanted to but to satisfy her, make her happy and convince her that I had no “demon” in me.

Despite my age-long hatred for suits, today I wear it to abide by the regulations of my church when I have to minister. It is not a question of *agreeing but abiding.*

To this end, I posit and believe that *the survival of every association is not hinged on everyone agreeing but everyone abiding.*

I therefore wish to say that the decisions by the leadership of *ANCEDRAM* , which I am an integral part of *is biding on all members.* and backed by her constitution.

I wish to call on all members of the association to accept the decision of the leadership on all issues.

The association is bigger than any one of us. With or without any one of us, the plans and purpose of God for *ANCEDRAM* will come to pass.

*ANCEDRAM* … Drama Army !!!

*KSO* .”

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