By Ajibare Abiola

Konkomania is an award-winning short film from the stables of Christ the Rock Media Communication (CRM). It was written and directed by Seyi Pedro-Adetola.

From the onset, we see that there’s something special about this movie. The graphics for the opening credits create the feel of a Hollywood blockbuster. There’s a splendid camera movement in the second scene to reveal the main character, Konko, played by Segun Temitayo. His performance is excellent; his portrayal of a “garage boy” is first-class. Pedro-Adetola’s depiction of his mother is truly remarkable. I commented on my review of Kembe Isonu that her performance there was her best I’d ever seen; I didn’t know she’d produced an excellent rendition in a previous movie. I’ll surely be looking out for more movies she’s featured in.

Some tune choices were creatively done and matched the scenes they were chosen for. It was a short movie but still had time for a few comic lines along the way. The dialogue was well-scripted; it was enlightening at times and the perfect language for the garage setting was used. The movie makes us see that in spite of dire circumstances, there’s hope for everyone who lets God in. It rightly negates the mentality of fate that many have, even Christians, and makes us see that God’s plans for us are for good (Jeremiah 29:11).

The potential of Konkomania, I feel, is bigger than a short movie. It has enough material to be feature-length. How do I mean? One answer – Mama Konko, Seyi Pedro-Adetola’s character.

For a few minutes at the beginning, one would think that she’d be the heroine of the movie; that’s until Konko’s character steps up to that plate. A one-hour film can be crafted on her character, and boy, what a character that would be!

I think though, that the opening scene of the movie could have been cut out, because I’m not sure what its relevance to the overall movie is. Perhaps, a sequel? That would be something, wouldn’t it?

One sentence repeated occasionally in the movie is “Are you ready?” I feel this is a significant question that faces everyone in the world. It’s a defining moment in our lives – when we’d decide to accept or refuse the sacrifice Jesus made for us. It’s a yes/no question that holds so much capacity for the change we all need. I pray our response will always be in the positive.

Did you know? Konkomania won the award for Best Short Film, and took third place for Best Audio at Gofestival 2019.

To watch/download the movie, click on the link below:

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