“Keep Doing What You’re Doing Until Your Helper Shows Up”, Gospel Film News Caster Counsels



By Oluwafemi Dosu

The News Caster of Gospel Film News TV, Moses Adio has counselled his online readers to keep doing whatever they are doing unil their destiny helper shows up.


Adio gave this counsel today in one of his writings on Social Media, saying that people should be engaged at what they are doing, even if it appears they aren’t getting the best of results from such engagements at the moment.

The eloquent broadcaster who backed up his counsel with Acts 8:26-39 added that ‘though vision or journey may seem dry, dreary and uninspiring, you just might keep at it one more day, so that when your helper shows up he/she would find you at your duty post, doing that thing for which you need help’.


He further stressed that the Eunuch in the quoted Bible text was reading the scripture but didn’t understand, yet he kept reading, saying that wasn’t stupidity, it was consistency and doggedness, exhibited with sincerity. Adio stressed that Philip (helper) came by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost and met him reading, and as Philip discovered the Eunuch’s ignorance, he enlightened him, and the Eunuch was transformed!


Adio finally noted that “Your helper is almost here. So, don’t stop!” Gospel Film News gathered.

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