Kayode Oyebode Oju Oluwa: the man that changed the story of NTA Ibadan


By Oluwafemi Dosu
When people talk about legends in the media industry, the name “Oju Oluwa” cannot be sidetracked. Kayode Oyebode Oju Oluwa (AKA Kay Technical) is a veteran broadcaster and cinematographer. Many years back he started a programme named ‘Oju Oluwa’ which turned the story of Nigeria Television Authority, NTA Ibadan around.

Gospel Film News can authoritatively tell you that Oluwa started at NTA Ibadan around 1998, about 21 years ago. At that moment NTA Ibadan has just two cameras. One is always used for field work while just one will be left in the studio for any programme and this man, Kay Technical will have to bring his equipment (3 cameras) to record the programme. The first guest of Oju Oluwa was the renowned song minister, Lady Evang. Toun Soetan. When the programme started, after the programme they will raise prayers; prayer for the vision and people.

After some years, another Director General, DG came to NTA and visited NTA Ibadan and that was how the story of NTA Ibadan changed by what God has helped Kayode Oyebode (Kay Technical) to do in NTA via Oju Oluwa programme. Since then Oju Oluwa programme has been moving from one TV station to another. From NTA Ibadan to BCOS, to LTV in Lagos and the programme run on so many stations even up to OGTV in Abeokuta. Oju Oluwa programme is now on several radio stations, starting from FRCN which is Radio Nigeria.

From research, Gospel Film News gathered that the programme is presently running on LAGELU FM in Ibadan. In fact, it’s been running from one generation to another generation. There are so many programmes of Oju Oluwa on Radio and TV. It is interesting to know that this programme has blessed so many lives. One of the things that is peculiar about the programme in those days was that it talks about the experience of people who have lived their lives in darkness and come into light.

Oju Oluwa was privileged to bring people who have spent much of their lives in the world (darkness). Example is Prophet Kayode Williams who people know to be a notorious armed robber in those days who eventually become a man of God and another prophet, Prophet Isijola who was one of the old time magicians, he was known as ‘Ori To N soro’ in those days. The man came to light through Oju Oluwa programme. Oju Oluwa has actually opened the secrets of the devil to so many people and bring them out of darkness into the light of God.

It may interest you to know that the word ‘Oju Oluwa’ came from camera. Kayode Oyebode is a camera man, he is into cinematography. The slogan of the programme was ‘’Oju Oluwa….O n wo mi, o n wo o.” Oju Oluwa is God’s camera, God’s camera is seeing everybody and is recording everything that we do that when we go to heaven there will be a playback. That was how Oju Oluwa came; it came from the idea of camera.

To celebrate this Evangelist, a program of event has been organized which will start on 24th May, 2019 with Press Conference and Exhibition of all his old films from ‘Iji Aye’ to ‘Oja Ogo’ at BCOS hall, Orita Basorun, Ibadan. 25th May is the grand finale and award presentation plus celebration of his faithfulness at Apex Events center, Yidi Agodi gate, Ibadan. 26th May will be for thanksgiving service at Green Pasture Holiness Church Ogungbade Ife Road, Ibadan.

It is always good to celebrate our icons while alive not until death take them from us before we begin to celebrate their exit. To be part of this event you can support financially to make it more colourful. Kindly send in your donations to the following details. No amount is small.

Alc Name: Kay Technical Evang. Films Int’l.
Alc No.: 0029653630
Bank: Access

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