Kayode Owojori mourns brother, pen down tribute for deceased


Wole “Midas” Owojori – And Time Stopped
The chimes stopped
Music ceased on resurrection morning
The sound of Easter bells muffled
Clouds heavy up above without the rain,
Sorrow bewailed our hearts
I could hear distant faint echoes of a dirge
My heart pounded fast, chest heaved with loud whiz
The agents of death just escaped the portals of the heavens
With loud hoofs of clattering steps heading my direction
Stop praying they said to me,
We have taken him…his time is up…
And then I heard the heavenly choir resound in hymns-
The strife is o’er, the battle done;
Now is the Victor’s triumph won;
Now be the song of praise begun.
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
And they pulled the plugs that aided your heartbeat Oluwole
And the phone call….
Wole has joined the saints above
A n wa, a ò ri, a ò sùn, a ò wo…
Flashes of your time here came pouring out
The happy times of mirth and glee we shared
And the moments and of gloom, grief and sadness
Where you carried the burdens of others with unequalled calmness
Never once did those legendary smiles depart your face
Then, the floodgates of tears and wailing opened
Iku d’oro, iku s’eka, iku m’oloore lo
Eni ba m’agbe ba wa d’aro aro
Eni ba m’aluko ba wa daro osun
Eni ba mo lekeleke ko ba wa daro efun
Eni rere lo o d’igbere o d’arinnako od’oju ala
Now, a year down in time since you’ve been gone
Resting and rejoicing in mansions sublime
There you have played hosts to Mama Oba-ogo our aged mom, abiyamo tooto,
Who strove to understand the silence from you, asking questions, seeking to hear you speak to her
You have joined heavens angels, singing Hallelujah Chorus as God’s General, Pastor U Obed marched into the courts of heaven
Meanwhile, here on earth where my sojourn shall end someday
I am filled with thoughts of eternity
Echoes of glory and Psalms of the courts of God’s presence
How long, my soul echoes till I am reconciled with you?
How long till, in white robes I see your face again?
Oh that I may die the death of the righteous

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1 thought on “Kayode Owojori mourns brother, pen down tribute for deceased

  1. I’m very sorry sir. While I knew you from many mount zion films and knew your brother (aka Uncle Wole) from my SAT lessons in lagos, I never knew you two were related. Small world! I’m still doubting. I only saw another owojori in the news and remembered uncle wole and wanted to connect only for me to search and see this. It is well sha. I’ll ask his wife. This is strange

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