JTKoncept partners ANCEDRAM Mushin, set to hold free training on Technical Theatre



By Oluwafemi Dosu

An NGO known as JTKoncept will be partnering with the All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM Mushin unit to hold a free training on Technical Theatre and Technical Directing for all Local Churches in Lagos State.

This is a training on Technical Theatre and Technical Directing and the aim/theme is to “raise an army of Drama Ministers (Stage Technical Specialist).” Registration begins 25th October, 2020.

JTKoncept, Mrs. Jesutofunmi Makinde Oladipupo who is a graduate of Performing Arts’s burning passion for putting up something like this started 3 years ago during her studies and her father who is a Cleric got transferred to her present Church in Mushin. Her involvement in the Church Drama Unit in the last 3 years has brought her to want to organize a lecture as this targeting local churches all around Lagos State.

JTKoncept and ANCEDRAM Mushin are working on extending the invitation for this free seminar to local churches with one aim: “To push Local Churches to create a Technical team in their drama unit.”

This aim according to Jesutofunmi will make people more committed to the ministration in their respective churches and once the whole church is aware of their new wealth of knowledge, such people would not be able to hide back into their shells but come out to better the output of their ministration.

She further explained that: “during my first contact with my Church drama Unit, I arrived from school a week to the drama night and we rehearsed throughout the week. Now, the whole script writing and acting has been done but there are lots of loose ends to the technical aspects. Costumes were not being prepared for, no provision for props which are readily available to us. (Just the use of 2 plastic chairs) whereas there are scenes they could make use of stools or make some people sit on the floor to create a picture, all these elements were not being taken care of because they didn’t have an idea of conceptualisation and design.”

This project will take lectures on conceptualisation, research, modeling(scale model), charting and making use of things around you to bring these pictures to life in a way that looks like the original.

She said “the idea is if you can picture is, you can achieve it and this awakening will bring a new face to the participation of the congregation. The bogus and colorful technicalities will keep people glued to the ministration, not sleeping half through and waking up during prayers.

Preparations are being made for trained facilitators and also featured lectures from practical coaches and Lecturers.

She empasised that “for a project such as this, we are not trying to raise technical people, but ‘an army'”

“Before you can conceive anything, the content of your heart will determine the angle your conception will tilt to. Before you can give, you need to have. This project wants to raise an army of people who have what to give and what are we giving out to our congregation; JESUS.”

Topics such as the concecration of drama ministers, Ministry not willingstry and juxtaposing designs and the message has been selected to prepare the army for the task ahead.

Date and Time of event:

The project is scheduled to take place in November for 3 weeks on WhatsApp.

2 days in a week (Saturday and Sunday)

6 hours in a week:
✓4 hours on Saturday
Morning: 11:00am – 1:00pm
Evening 5:00pm – 7:00pm
✓2 hours on Sunday 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Our proposed dates are:
Week 1
Saturday 14th
Sunday 15th

Week 2
Saturday 21st
Sunday 22nd

Week 3
Saturday 28th
Sunday 29th

Watch our for the registration link that is set to be released on the 25th of October. Participants will be given ample time to register and settle in class before lecture commences.

For enquiries, contact
Jesutofunmi 08109397604
Samuel Yinus 08023867956

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