I’ve found myself drawing and sketching from childhood- Joshua Mike-Bamiloye


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye popularly known as ‘JayMike’ is a house hold name when it comes to graphics and painting. He is the son of the gospel drama doyen, Mike Bamiloye. The Drama minister, a Music minister cum Digital Artist recently disclosed some secret about his life, passion and ministry. In this exclusive interview with Oluwafemi Dosu, the publisher of Gospel Film News, Joshua speaks about why he didn’t bother to look for job after graduation from the university. Excerpt: 

Could you please lead us into your educational background?

I am a graduate of Bowen University with a BSc in Mass Communication. Before that finished from Bodija international College (Ss1-Ss3) and Oritamefa Baptist Model School (Jss1-3) and before that was Lifefore international school.

After graduation from higher institution why didn’t you search for job?

(chuckles) well because I’ve always had a job. I’ve been working in the ministry for as long as I remembered. It only got more definitely as I grew older. By the time I was in the University, I was frequently going home to produce sound tracks and all that for Mount Zion movies. So as soon as I finished schooling,  I faced the ministry fully, involved in several other things such as movie editing,  graphic design and sometimes as a director of photography.

Why do you pick much interest in graphics and background music?

 I wouldn’t say I “picked” the interest persay. It’s more like God gave the interest.
From childhood I’ve found myself drawing and sketching and then over time the interest in creative softwares came. Same process for music. I believe “Background” music for movies came due to my environment.  I was born into a drama family.  So when the interest in music came,  it appeared as music in movies before expanding into also albums.

What inspires you for graphics and background music?

God has been my inspiration since day one.  He gives the ideas,  he helps me grow and get better with it.

Why do you use graphical illustration to preach the gospel?

You know whatever gift we have is from God and it’s meant for the expansion of His kingdom. So that’s why I preach with it.  However,  I use illustrations because of how fast it catches people’s attention and also because pictures stick better than words.

How do you make money from graphics and background music?

For now my main aim for my ministry asides preaching the gospel is to build a strong ministerial foundation by blessing as many lives as possible.
 Plus I believe when I seek first the kingdom of God, other things will be added in due time. I know God will direct me on how to venture into the commercial aspects of things. However I sometimes pick up Digital Portrait Painting jobs. This isn’t ministerial.

Do you get paid when you do background music for mount Zion films?

(Laughs) remember it’s a family thing.  Its success is my success.  Rather than being paid, I would want to be able to invest into the ministry. I’m already doing that in kind,  but I will also do so in cash (smiles).

Do you train people on background music and graphics?

Not yet.  But i know soon I will begin that journey of grooming and building up people in person.

How do you handle pressure from opposite sex?

Let’s just say I’m yet to see that “pressure” (Laughs).

When are you planning to get married?

Ah!(laughs) whenever God says it’s time o my brother. I’m open minded.

What’s your advice for youths like you out there?

My advice here would be that we should keep our focus on God and His righteousness.  There are alot of distractions now, alot of “fake life” displayed, alot of fake teachings and like hacks. But it pays to use Jesus and His word as our map.  The more we stick to him,  the more He will guide us into what He has called us on earth to do.

Your last word for upcoming graphic artist and film makers generally?

Shout out to all upcoming graphic artists and film makers,  May God bless you and may He never put your trust in Him to Shame.

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