It is only the power of Holyspirit in a movie that can make it evergreen- Damilola Mike-Bamiloye


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The excellent and creative cinematographer, screen witer and director, Damilola Mike-Bamiloye has disclosed that it is only the power of Holyspirit in a movie that can make a movie evergreen.

Damilola made this statement on saturday 7th December, 2019 while addressing media practitioners on the Art and Media Master Class WhatsApp platform. Art and Media Masters Class is an initiative of Filmmkers, John Oguntuase and Oluwaseun Adejumobi.

Gospel Film News correspondent reports that Damilola who was speaking on Excellence in Low Budget Film emphatically said the sucess of a movie is in how good the story was told and not good it was shot.

He strongly adviced that movie makers should endeavour to get their story right before anything, saying they shouldn’t put equipment before their story.

D-Baba as fondly called disclosed that when people come to watch your movies, the general audiencewill not ask what camera you used to shoot, they will not talk about the technicality most times, but the attention of the audience is always drawn to the story.

“The audience will discuss the story, they will meditate on the story and if it is a bible study they can conduct bible study from your story. Getting the right story is one of the greatest challenge and also the greatest asset. For me as a gospel filmmaker/Drama minister i can’t do it on my own. God has to be the foundation of the story. He must be the alpha and omega of the story,” he stated.

According to him, the movie, GBEMI was a ridiculously low budget movie that he cannot disclose the budget because it is too embarassing but it turned out to be one of Mount Zion most sucessful movies.

He further noted that there was more investment on the story than the technicality.

“When the Holyspirit breathe into a script after it has been creatively structured and effort has been put to write it, then the actors interpret the role with with great inspiration, the director, DOP all work together with that same level of energy and inspiration, the movie will ultimately deliver a result that high budget may never be able to deliver,” he added.


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