INTERVIEW: Why many dump Drama Ministry for other Ministries- Wole Olaleye

Research shows that many people dump the Drama Ministry and take up responsibility in other ministries. Some who even started with the likes of Evang. Mike Bamiloye are no where to be found in the ministry. Hence, there has been different opinions on why this is rampant, although there are still people who stay with the Drama Calling for ages without doing any other business. In this Exclusive Interview with Gospel Film News, Wole Olaleye revealed why people dump Drama Ministry, amongst others. Excerpt:

You are a veteran in the Drama Ministry but today some Drama Ministers dumbed the ministry and go into other ministries like pastoral ministry and other ministry, what can you say is responsible for that?

I wouldn’t know what is responsible for that, maybe they had another different vision from what they had originally. I think from my own point of view it maybe because some of them are afraid of what they will eat, what their tomorrow will be, and they couldn’t endure hardship, that’s why they left.

Sir, do you think one can do Drama Ministry successfully in this dispensation without having another sources of income?

Well, Drama ministry is when you are working for God and God knows you are working for him, He is able to feed you and do everything that you want.

Looking at the situation of security in the country, Drama Ministers going from one place to another doing drama evangelism, shooting films, don’t you think this can have effect on gospel film industry?

Well, directly it will have advent effect but then, the Lord Jesus because he has sent us as a message and when he sends, He is able to save so we are not afraid.

What do you have to tell young generation Drama Ministers?

They should be focused, and then do what is needed, if it is true that God has called them and they heard God call, they should be focused and then they will make.


  1. What is a ministry? Ministry is about gospel. It is about winning souls. 2 Corinthians 5:18 says the Lord has given us the ministry of reconciliation. Bringing sinners to the knowledge of Christ.
    Is the ministry divided? Do we say word ministry is different from drama or singing ministry? No, they are just a medium of presenting the gospel. Either you are in deliverance or prayer ministry the main purpose is to win more souls to the Lord. The message is Jesus Christ crucified, died and resurected on the third day.

    It high time we start saying the gospel truth. I can choose to preach either in music or drama or word or prayer, if I am lead. If today I choose deliverance ministry it doesn’t mean I dumped drama minstry for another ministry. I can use any medium the Lord gives to preach. Show me any drama minister who hasn’t preach or teach the word. Drama alone may not be enough to bring a sinner to the cross. When drama is combined with music and word the harvest of souls is always abundant. Allow Holy Spirit to lead everyone. Let everyone be convinced of his or her ministry.

    In those days we were taught that we should not do anything in our chuches except drama. Many of us left other services in the church and later rebuked by the Holy Spirit and with tears we traced our step back not because of what to eat. As a matter of fact we are not on any church payroll but God is paying our expenses.

    Let stop judging people. Leave everyone to God and the Holy Spirit. May be the person you thought he left drama for preaching is doing the right thing before God. Mind your ministry. Everyone we stay before the throne of judgement of God to give account of what he did in the body.
    Thanks. God bless you. Remain focus and raptured


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