INTERVIEW: What I think should be the way forward for Nigeria- Doyin Hassan


For the past two weeks Nigeria has been on the front burner of the news. Shortly after coming out of COVID-19 pandemic, the country is experiencing another stay at home and stay safe as a result of peaceful protest by Nigeria Youths which was later hijacked by hoodlums. Following the protest, a 24 hour curfew was declared in Lagos where the protest seems to be strong on 20th October 2020. As a result, men of the Nigeria soldiers allegedly banged to scene of the protest at Lekki Toll Plaza and allegedly fired live bullets on the protesters where some lost their lives and many injured. Gospel Film News hereby spoke with a veteran movie Actor and Academic, Dr. Doyin Hassan in an exclusive Interview where he shared his view on what should be the way forward for Nigeria. Excerpt:

Some youths have been reportedly killed in Lagos last night by soldier during the peaceful protest, what can you say about this sir?

We can only appeal to the parents and relatives of the Youths that lost their lives. May God grant them fortitude to bear the irreparable losses. It’s unfortunate that the soldiers have turned that Nation into a jungle, where you take the laws into your hand because of the priviledge attached to the uniform.

Being a Nigerian have you ever experienced this kind of protest before?

Sure. There have been both riotious and peaceful protests in the past even when I was teaching at the Lagos State University. But this on-going protests seem to be one of the bloodiest because of the killings recorded. It’s sad that this really happening in Nigeria adding insult upon the covid injury we are experiencing globally.

You live in the diaspora, what’s the stand of Nigerians in the country you are on the protesters and the killing allegedly plotted by the Government?

Nigerians here in Canada are resolute about ensuring good governance in Nigeria. There have been peaceful protests by Nigerians in all the major cities and provinces across Canada clamouring for an end to police brutality, SARS and all the terrible polices that negate the tenets of good leadership. We all weep for our nation. Our families and friends are still there and we want to be able visit in peace. We’ve had series of protests in the last 2 weeks and we can only pray for peace to reign again in Nigeria.

As a movie maker and academic, what do you think will be the aftermath of this?

Its sad enough that our future leaders are being killed. Actors both within Nigeria and in the diaspora have joined the protests and have been posting campaigns to end this mayhem in our country. It’s sad again that young potentials for the country’s leadership are being murdered in cold blood and the government has turned deaf ears to cry of the entire populace. It’s really disturbing to me, that a 60 year-old Nation can still be embarrassed before the entire world. It’s pathetic!

What do you think should be the way forward at this point in time?

It’s shameful that we are experiencing anarchy and strife in Nigeria. We might be forced to solicit help from developed nations around the world to rescue our nation out of her sorry state. It is evident that our government lacks the wherewithal to rule the citizenry. We stand solidly behind the youths of Nigeria in fighting for justice and their fundamental human rights. Above all, we need to cry to God and pray for Nigeria’s deliverance from the chaos and economic problems she is facing now.

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